FNCS Major 1 – Format and Prize Pool for First Major

Fortnite is about to get its first big esports event of the year, the FNCS Major 1. This is our first outing for high-level Fortnite in 2023, but more than that it’s the first in the brand new Fortnite major structure for 2023. The FNCS Major 1 is running with a new format, but we’re still getting weeks of competitive action with the best Fortnite players all taking place.

The changes to the tournament this time around which mean there’s more on the line with each Major. The FNCS Major 1 is a week long event, but it’s just the start. Players can win a place at a huge LAN in the future.

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What is the FNCS Major 1?

The FNCS Major 1 is the first Fortnite Championship Series event of the year. This is one of three majors which are going to be held on a Seasonal basis. These are separate events with their own prize pools and finales. However, they all contribute to an ongoing qualification process to find the top teams for an international showdown.

To get into the FNCS Major 1, players had to fight their way through to the elite division of the Fortnite ranks this season. This rank is the threshold for entering Fortnite esports proper. The Major will be held over the course of five weeks. It’s starting off in February, with the first session taking over the 4-5th. Each weekend will see another batch of matches in a two-day session.

For the third week, the Finals are held. The top 40 Duos on the ongoing leaderboard will secure their spot at the Grand Finals.


With its huge roster sizes, Fortnite esports is a bit different. There’s not a bracket of players in one-on-ones, instead the format for Fortnite all seasons competitive has embraced the massive nature of a Battle Royale. After competing in Elite Division Cups, players will reach the FNCS Major 1 Grand Finals in the final week of the competition.

Here the roster of teams is cut down to 50 Duos. They’ll be playing together over March 4-5th. The session for the Finals is 12 games in total, 6 per day.

The FNCS Major 1 has a decent-sized prize pool that is just under $1 million in the top regions. However, it’s the pass for the FNCS LAN that is the major prize here. In Europe, both the winner and runners-up will move into the Grand Final. In other regions though, it’s just the very top team that gets to move on.

How to Watch the FNCS Major 1

If you want to jump in and watch the FNCS Major 1, there are loads of ways to watch the event. You can catch it on Fortnite Twitch, YouTube, and on the official website. You can even watch the Finals in-game on a special creative map! However, a lot of fans chose to watch their favourite player’s personal stream, for a complete experience following their favorite Duo at the FNCS Major 1.