FNCS Major 2 2023- Fortnite Major Review

The second Major for Fortnite FNCS in 2023 has come to a conclusion, crowning a new batch of champions and securing more slots at the eventual LAN looming on the horizon. While a few payers’ performances have grabbed a lot of attention over the tournament, we’re at the halfway point for the entire new structure for a Fortnite Major. It’s a great chance to look at the changes Epic has made, and how the new competitive Fortnite major format is doing.

FNCS finals

Credit: Fortnite News

Fortnite Major 2 Highlights

One of the most impressive performances over Day 1 of Fortnite Major 2 was Queasy and Veno’s insane run in Europe. They matched this on the second day of the tournament. Over all 12 games, they got the Victory Royale in six, five of those were consecutive. Getting the very top placement in half of all games played shows a crazy difference between them and the rest of the lobby.

Queasy and Veno ended Day 1 with triple back-to-back 1st place finishes. They got right back on it for the opening of Day 2, taking another two back-to-back Victory Royales. Including one that saw the Duo grab 11 kills on that first match. After these wins, they had such a lead they could safely check out of the remaining games, but their performance has been one for the record books.

North America was running its first tournament with a combined region. We ultimately saw Dukez and Edgey come out on top. They had a much narrower lead over the teams coming up behind them though. The region changes definitely spiced things up in North America. There’s been some accusations of feeding in this region, but we saw some of the best players active in the game here.

Coming in second at the Fortnite FNCS was mero and Cooper. This is after mero “quit” Fortnite so an impressive result at the Fortnite major. Bugha and Threats also managed to get really consistent results but just slightly missed out on the top spots. With a more packed region, there’s tighter competition for this duo now in competitive Fortnite.

The Good and Bad of the New Major Structure

The new Fortnite major structure has some small changes from previous seasons, concentrating on an ongoing format for the year rather than refreshing with each season. These Majors are be contributing to an ongoing tournament. It’s all building to the Global Championship. Although, at this halfway point it still feels pretty similar to past FNCS seasons.

The other major change to look at the FNCS Fortnite Major 2 was the combined American region. This was always going to be a controversial change, but it has gone pretty smoothly. We’re seeing more of the best players concentrated in one lobby. It’s much easier to see the most stacked games with all of the players concentrated. It also helps to cut down on the raw hours involved in keeping up with the FNCS, fans don’t have to sit through quite as many regions anymore.

The last game of the North American region saw most of the top five Fortnite Major teams still having a chance at the winning the tournament. Going right down to the wire like that with Duos that might have been spread across east and west is a great example of why this new combined region for competitive Fortnite works.

The second Major for the Fortnite FNCS in 2023 was a step up from the first. The combined regions have kicked things up a notch. With half of the year’s events now finished, the next Major is going to be one of the last chances to make it to the LAN. It’s only going to get more exciting from here.

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