FNCS Major 2 Teams – Who’s Taking Part?

The FNCS Major 2 tournament is just about to start up, with a whole season’s worth of competitive Fortnite coming with it. The biggest and best Fortnite teams are going to be taking part, vying for a share of the prize pool that stands at more than $2 million along with a slot at the invitational in Copenhagen.

As with any tournament, there will be some of the best Fortnite players taking part. Since there are so many regions and one new one for this tournament though, there are some teams standing out as definitely worth watching as they climb up the Fortnite FNCS leaderboard. These are some of the top Fortnite teams that are playing in the tournament, and how it all works for those participating.

FNCS Major 2

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FNCS Major 2 Fortnite Teams – Regions and Qualification

We can’t exactly run through a complete list of all FNCS Major 2 Fortnite teams. That’s because this one is entirely open. Anyone can play. You don’t need to be a known name grabbing high-kill games and using Fortnite pro settings to compete at this stage, you’ve just got to show up.

Those taking part are going to be any Duo who have reached the higher levels of Arena. Since you can’t drop down ranks, this basically just means anyone willing to spend long enough in Arena mode grinding it out. At least for the first session. However, despite the FNCS format being pretty open, the tournament does tend to boil down to the biggest FNCS Fortnite players pretty quickly.

Once we get through a few rounds of qualifiers we’ll have a better idea of who has it in them to rise up the Fortnite FNCS leaderboard. Although, there are already a few teams we can look at based on their performance in the last FNCS.

Top FNCS Fortnite teams

Ajerss and Khanada – NA Central

NA Central is a new region merging both of the older North American regions. Things are going to be unpredictable here, but this is a top duo to watch. They took second in the last FNCS Major and look likely to rise up the FNCS tournament leaderboard this time around. The Duo looks close to securing their spot at the Global Championship.

Defiable and Pollo – NA Central

This other pick for top Fortnite teams came very close over in NA West last time around. Now in Central, they’ll have more competition but their recent results point towards them standing a real chance at the top spot this time around.

JannisZ and rezon ay – EU

JannisZ and rezon ay are two of the best Fortnite players in the European region. They didn’t quite win Major 1, but came close. They look like a clear bet for this time around, both have been two of the top players for a while.

Queasy and Veno – EU

These two have been one of the top teams for a few Chapters now. After taking it last time, it looks like they might make it even higher on the Fortnite FNCS leaderboard this time.

Those are some of the top Fortnite teams heading in. The last FNCS Major saw established names take an early lead before faltering in later rounds. The FNCS format is pretty open, so this could go in a lot of different ways!

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