Fortnite has a new game mode and it’s messy!

Fortnite has developed past its initial Battle Royale mode some time ago – of course, the normal solo, duo and squad modes are still around, but really, the special and limited time modes are what draw a lot of people in these days.

The Disco Domination mode was as incredibly popular as the Soaring 50’s that came before it. Now, as of patch 6.30, there is a new mode in the game – one that looks like it’ll be as popular as the last two were. It’s a little like a mix of capture the flag and protect the target. Food Fight, it’s called, and it’s all about the delicious mascots we know and love in the game.

There are two teams that are assigned to protect one of two mascots: Either the burger from Durr Burger or the tomato from Pizza Pit. The two teams can build structures around their mascot and they need to destroy the other team’s mascot before their own is gone. This can lead to some frantic moves and desperate plays as time progresses in the game.

There are no explosive items so you have to get relatively close and personal to get things done. Like in Disco Domination, death isn’t permanent and players re-spawn with their inventory when they die. Dead players drop a few bits of ammo and material, making sure the survivors don’t run out of bullets.

This mode even features turrets that can be built on structures in order to defend them against enemies…so one of the better strategies is to drop down into the enemy compound and wreak havoc before they notice you’re there at all. The game mode is so delightfully manic it’s pretty easy to get away with a good bit of damage before you are spotted and eventually eliminated.

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The mounted turrets from this mode can now be found in the main game as well, making for some…interesting new possibilities. Another change you’ll probably want to take note of is that Epic has now once again disabled the ability to redeploy your glider in all modes except big team games and the Playground mode. Quite a lot of players are upset by this change – though the redeploy has only been around since October, it was incredibly popular especially with non-builder players.

While some felt it took away from the importance of building, it seemed that a pretty big majority of casual fans and players liked that they could simply build a ramp straight up and be on their way to their next destination without having to worry about the storm.

Epic actually gave a brief statement on the topic of the gliders: “We did not live up to expectations of quickly iterating on the mechanic and communicating plans.” The latest update also brought with it significant changes to the main Save the World game – menu, progression and UI improvements as well as some much-needed de-cluttering make for a much smoother experience now.

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