What’s changed in Fortnite’s 7.10.3?

Fortnite is a breathing evolving platform with a constant stream of new content, so it’s important to stay up to date on what effect these updates will have on your strategies. Fortnite 7.10 have just received its third content update. It’s brought with it a new weapon and some changes to existing ones. It’s a comparatively small update but could have a big impact on some players.

We’ve covered the major changes so you can see how these alterations will change your game plan.

14 Days of Fortnite is back.

After the problematic previous attempt, Epic has brought back 14 days of Fortnite to give players another chance to make the most out of the event. These events and challenges have been extended to give everyone a chance at getting those rewards. The cosmetics available to win are fairly standard, no skins are given out. If you’re itching to complete more tier rewards, then the challenges are a nice distraction.

New weapon added – Suppressed Sniper Rifle

Epic has added a Suppressed Sniper Rifle to the game. This scoped weapon works similarly to the standard bolt action sniper rifle but with a key difference, it’s silent. This gives you more scope for stealth attacks, but the damage done has been lowered slightly. It’s still a powerful weapon if you’re proficient enough to consistently hit with it. The cost of missed shots is lowered without the loud sound giving away your position. The bolt action means slow reloading times. Because of this, the glint of reloading the rifle might still give surrounding players a clue to your whereabouts despite the silence.

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Boom Box weakened

The Boom Box has had its drop rate reduced by an entire third. This will make it a lot harder to get your hands on, but you might not mind now it’s been adjusted. Its health has dropped from 600 to only 400, and its duration has been reduced by over a quarter. This is a considerable drop in the Boom Box’s effectiveness. However, it’s still strong enough to be worthwhile in the last stages of the game.

The X-4 Stormwing sdjusted

Planes have been slightly controversial since their introduction. With this update, the X-4 Stormwing can no longer fly above the maximum building height. The damage it does when colliding with buildings or structures has been increased by 50% but it will now cause less knockback to players. This change gives the plane a boost and further, the complicates their impact on late-game strategies. The plane has been given more strength despite some complaints that it was already overpowered.

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Dual Pistols have reappeared

The Dual Pistols have returned from the vault with the latest update. They don’t appear to have undergone any balance changes. This is a little disappointing as the pistols were under-utilised previously because they weren’t particularly useful.

What else changed?

  • The Uncommon, Common, and Rare forms of the Burst Assault Rifle have all been vaulted.
  • Dynamite drop rate has been decreased by 40%
  • The Six Shooter has been vaulted and will no longer be findable in the game.
  • The Burst Assault Rifle Nearly Vaulted

This update hasn’t changed enough to completely change your strategy, it’s worth keeping in mind the adjustments to some of the weapons and changes to the Stormwing. The new sniper rifle addition should liven things up for players proficient with a sniper rifle. Hopefully, the next update will bring even more new content, possibly something to replace the now essentially vaulted Burst Assault Rifle.