All Male Fortnite Characters – Our Definitive List

Fortnite has become a massive world with loads of different characters. It’s not just Jonsey and Peely. Between outfits, skins and NPCs, there’s an absurd number of male Fortnite characters when you factor in all of the original skins that Epic has made available. Then when you look at Fortnite leaked skins and crossovers, it’s clearly a list that will never stop growing. Male Fortnite skins include some of the most fun designs and most recognizable names in the game. Sometimes those skins even get fleshed out and become entire characters!

Male fortnite characters

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All Male Fortnite Characters List

A full list of all male Fortnite characters is going to be a bit long since it’ll include a good percentage of the skins in the game! It’s a bit difficult to call a single outfit an actual character. Fortnite characters really more define those with a role, not just all the random skins and Jonseys we’ve had thrown into the game. There are too many outfits for anyone to grab them all, no matter how many free V-bucks you can get.

Since NPCs were introduced, the skins have had a two-tier system. There are characters, which walk around the map and you can meet, then there are outfits, which are just skins. Over three chapters with NPCs on the map though, there are still loads of male Fortnite characters who are more than just an outfit. These are all of them that we’ve had in the past.

Chapter 2 Male Fortnite Characters

  • Bunker Jonsey – A shut-in Jonsey who has gotten a little strange in his isolation.
  • Burnout – A racer male Fortnite character.
  • Cole – A builder who hung around Steamy Stacks a lot.
  • Farmer Steel – The first of many Fortnite male skins that are at home in a farmyard.
  • Kyle – A bigger lumberjack that’s pretty hard to miss.
  • Ragnarok – A character with some mythological inspiration.
  • The Reaper – He’s “Not John Wick”.
  • Turk – Chapter 2 launched fishing so a fisherman is the perfect match.
  • Raz – Kind of a Prince of Persia style guy! He’s one of the coolest Fortnite male characters.
  • Rex – A guy trying his best to be a dinosaur.
  • Cabbie – A Jonsey build just for the inclusion of vehicles.
  • Wreck Raider – A Josney-style skin made for the flooded season.
  • Sun Tan Specialist – Beach guy that made sweaty sand his home.
  • Castaway Jonsey – This Jonsey has seen better days.
  • Grill Sergeant – Works at the many food places on the map.
  • Jonsey the first – The OG.
  • Raptor – An air force pilot.
  • Menace – A gladiator!
  • The Mandalorian – Crossover male Fortnite character.
  • Brutus – One of our first bosses back as an NPC.
  • Bandolier – A shirtless soldier character!

New Chapter 3 Male Characters

The male Fortnite characters didn’t stop in Chapter 2, we got loads more in the very next Chapter. These are all of the male Fortnite skins with a real character this time:

Jonsey Fortnite

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  • Blackheart – A pirate returning in later seasons.
  • Cryptic – A kind of robot-like character.
  • Kit – A baby version of Meowscles with his own mech.
  • Maximillian – Another pilot inhabiting the Fortnite map.
  • Relaxed Fit Jonsey – This Jonseys lets it all hang out.
  • Stash’s – a secretive character.
  • The Underwriter – A sinister figure trying to prevent insurance payouts.
  • Agent Jones – A Jonsey that survived Chapter 2’s Wild Hunt

Alongside these, there were quite a few from Chapter 2 that still made a return!

Chapter 4 Characters

The most recent Chapter didn’t slack on introducing new male Fortnite characters either!

Garrison Fortnite

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  • CRZ-8 – A strange character with an 8-ball face.
  • Garrison – An old-fashioned looking NPC, with Season 1 vibes.
  • Longshot – A sniper.
  • P33LY – A slightly robotic Peely.
  • Stray – The fox Clan Operative.
  • Thunder – Lizard/Godzilla man.
  • Insight – A scout specialist.

Those are all of the new male Fortnite characters that are around this season. If we broaden it out to outfits too, there’s room for thousands more characters! Some of these characters can help in game too, so they might even be able to help you rise up the Fortnite ranks.

The game is always getting new characters and male Fortnite skins, so keep an eye out and you might see even more names join the game!

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