Fortnite brings creativity to World Cup

The Fortnite World Cup is now underway. Qualifying rounds for the massive tournament kicked off last week and will continue through the whole of April, with millions of dollars up for grabs every weekend along with a spot at the game’s biggest tournament to date. This week Epic Games have added yet another event to this already crammed schedule, a world cup for Fortnite Creative Mode.


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Fortnite Creative Mode was added to the game back in December 2018, since then it has accumulated quite a following as a massive sandbox for players to mess around in. Some of the creations made by skilled players have been truly impressive. Some Pro Players have even drifted off from practising standard Fortnite to instead practice in properly designed sandboxes. Fortnite is bringing this game mode into their competitive plans for the year, giving players with a different type of skill in Fortnite a chance to compete. It’s a very different sort of competition to the one being held in the Battle Royale mode but some players and big names will be stretching themselves across both.

The Creative World Cup will feature a prize pool in keeping with Epic’s recent prizes. It’ll come with a pool of $3,000,000, not too bad for a mode dismissed by many as a distraction. Much like the actual Fortnite World Cup, what is currently going on is a qualifying round. Players will compete in five events of Creative Trials, from these a team of judges will select the best participants to go on to compete in the final round at the Fortnite Cup Finals.

The first trial being used was built by Cizzorz, a player for the FaZe clan. The player intends to compete in the regular Battle Royale World Cup but has clearly put a lot of time into this. This Creative Mode will give skilled Fortnite players a chance to demonstrate how those skills translate through to other game modes. Cizzorz’s trial is a ‘Deathrun’. These levels give players killed at moving fast and exact an opportunity to put themselves to the test. With the current state of the Meta though, the Creative Mode might become the only place to really see this sort of play.

A strange form of play has emerged over the course of the opening round of the World Cup. With so much money at stake, it is not too surprising that most players have begun to play it safe. This style of play is rewarded by the current meta. It has resulted in matches where many players make it into the final circle. Players are building, only to make their structure into a bunker and try and remain as long as possible. This kind of play isn’t what most picture when they consider the skill that professional players have previously demonstrated.

With a new update due just before the second event in the Fortnite World Cup, hopefully, the action will become a little more animated. Until then, the Fortnite Creative World Cup is offering a space for technically skilled players to demonstrate this outside of the hassles of the storm and Ballers.

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