The Chapter 2 of Fortnite brings an astronomical update

After disappearing at the end of season 10 entirely, Fortnite fans are now waiting for their beloved game to return. In a pretty gutsy move, the devs had an asteroid wipe out the entire Fortnite map, throwing players online at the time into a black hole before deleting their social media posts.

No, Fortnite didn’t just ghost all of its players, even though it may look like that. People have been waiting to hear about the next move the game will make… and now it’s finally here. After a live stream of the black hole on Fortnite’s Twitter, the game is now back with a preview of a revamped UI, featuring, well, pretty much all the stuff we are used to from before, with a slightly more angled look.

That’s not all we know about the new season either – data miners have already leaked some of the new items and skins that we’ll be seeing, and now Fortnite itself has tweeted a list of them. They match previous season’s themes – there’s some fairy tale themed stuff, some survivalist outfits and even a futuristic one in the mix. The new skins and items certainly look good, and there is one thing already clear – the paid Battle Pass skins all feature an X vs Y title. Turk vs Riptide, Journey vs Hazard, Remedy vs Toxin, Rippley vs Sludge and so on.

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New Skins

With the skins come all-new backpack skins as well… and much more importantly, with the downtime over, Fortnite’s Chapter 2 brings with it its new map and some new playing features. There are now medals – players advance their battle pass through challenges that earn them medals, as well as some completely new daily quests for maximum XP.

New Map

As for the new map – it really does look completely different. While similar biomes to before are visible, including snowy, swampy and beach areas, the only thing that’s the same is that the new island looks pretty fun to explore. There is a lot of water, with a lot of rivers, lakes and even mini-islands in a small bay to explore.

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fortnite new map

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Players can now swim

Previews have already shown that players can now swim – quite fast, actually, and they’ll need to with how many new watery places the map features. Of course, it’s not all water – familiar elements like little cities, hills and trees are around as well. All in all, there is one thing that needs to be said – as far as publicity goes, Fortnite’s creators really did a spectacular job. It’s not easy getting tens of thousands of people to watch a video of a black hole doing nothing, yet they managed it. As for the game…

Fortnite Chapter 2 is still Fortnite – just a new, touched-up version of it. We’re particularly looking forward to the new skins, each of which will have a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ version that can be unlocked as you play through the Battle Pass – perfect for exploring the all-new world that is the Fortnite map now!