Ninja thinks Fortnite Chapter 2 Updates need to happen more often

So far, Fortnite Chapter 2 has been pretty different. Alongside all of the new mechanics (with their new items such as the Mythic Goldfish), the new map, and the revamped visuals, the game has been pretty stable. It hasn’t received a major update in quite a while. Some in the competitive community has welcomed this change. The stable and smaller batch of weapons available has allowed players to focus on the basics. However, Epic can’t seem to please everyone. Some players and notable figures aren’t so happy with the game’s stability and the lack of Fortnite Chapter 2 updates. One of them is Ninja.

Fortnite Chapter 2 has received a couple of patches so far. These have contained bug fixes and some stealth changes. They haven’t received proper patch notes. Unlike the previous in-depth details of changes, the Fortnite Chapter 2 updates have been content to let the player know that changes have happened and allow them to figure it out. For the most part, this has been because the patches are relatively minor. Chapter 2 hasn’t had the continuously evolving map and Mechs of Season 10, or any of the controversial updates seen in prior seasons.

This lack of updates has left the game in a stable condition since that blackhole incident. For some competitive players, this is great, for others it is worrying.

Ninja Thoughts Fortnite 2 Updates

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Ninja’s take on Fortnite Chapter 2’s updates

While streaming with fellow player Lupo, Ninja discussed the current state of Fortnite. He expressed concern at the lack of updates being made to the game. Beyond concern, he exclaimed that he was nervous about the lack of updates.

Ninja thinks that this lack of new content is driving players towards other games, like the recently released Call of Duty.

Competitive players have largely been happy about the lack of Fortnite Chapter 2 updates. Previous changes to the game have a reputation for being poorly-tested and having too big of an impact on the metagame. The B.R.U.T.E mechs are a big example, but even smaller changes have upset the competitive community in the past. Ninja doesn’t think these concerns are at the root of the lack of interest though.

Ninja explained that he believed Epic doesn’t particularly value the opinion of the competitive community compared with the millions of casual players in the game. It is hard to argue with this logic, but Dr Lupo’s responses to him were relatively measured. Lupo countered that the stability of the game was making the competitive scene more successful and waiting to add extra content wasn’t harming the game too much.

Does Fortnite need more content?

The amount of Fortnite Chapter 2 updates has definitely been less than in the past. It is also quite likely that Ninja is right about Epic’s connection to the competitive community, given their prior history. However, Fortnite is at a renewed level of interest that hasn’t been seen in quite a while. With everything new in Chapter 2, players seem to be enjoying this refreshing and pared-down take on the game. While the lack of updates is making some nervous, to others it feels like confidence in Chapter 2 is a more finished version of Fortnite that can comfortably hold players’ attention without the constant additions.

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