Mythic Goldfish: the Fortnite latest overpowered weapon

Fortnite Chapter 2 has brought an age-old JRPG trope to the Battle Royale genre. Specifically, the weird obsession with fishing. However, it has become clear that in Fortnite fishing is more than a way to pass the time. Catching the rarest fish in the game is actually going to reward you with a weapon stronger than last season’s Air Strikes. This fish is the Mythic Goldfish.

It is the highest tier fish available in the game, despite its relatively unassuming look. The fish originally seemed like nothing more than a token for some bragging rights. Fortnite Chapter 2 has a bit of a problem with XP grinding. The new medals system introduced is a solution to this, allowing you to gain XP for completing various minor tasks in game. One of these, was to fully explore the new fishing mechanic by catching every fish.

Fortnite Mythic Goldfish

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In their quest to catch every arbitrary fish, players spent a fair bit of time searching out this legendary Goldfish. They then discovered, almost by accident, that it was actually a pretty potent weapon. It appears to deal 90 damage. This is more than the damage dealt by the controversial Air Strikes. So is this new Fish-weapon going to an important part of the competitive meta game?

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Does the Fortnite Mythic Goldfish have any use?

While the Goldfish does deal a fair amount of damage, it is a pretty specialist item. It is hard to find. This limits how useful the fish is actually going to be. You can’t exactly rely on finding a legendary Goldfish at the exact second you’re going to need one. Despite Epic pushing the fishing and this goldfish’s power, it is unlikely that Fortnite will in future be fought of as the shooting, building, and fishing game.

The main use of this Mythic Goldfish is novelty. While it isn’t going to be a reliable way of getting any kills in the game, it is certainly an impressive flourish. Using it at the right time is a considerably better move to show off than just killing and dancing. We’ll likely see some fun streaming moments with the goldfish in future, but that’s the extent of its usefulness.

How to catch the fish

If you’d like to check out this legendary fish for yourself, you need to start engaging with a new feature of Season 2 that you may have missed. Fishing rods are currently plentiful in the game. Pick one up and head over to some water You can throw your rod out. Once you feel a bite you need to reel it in. You’ll likely get one of the game’s common catches, which are materials, a weapon, slurpfish, flopper, or a small fry. The materials and weapons are self-explanatory while the slurp fish rewards you with some slurp juice like effects, the flopper gives you 50 and the small fry gives you 25 shield or HP.

These were the only fish available at the beginning of Season 2. However, it seems Epic is adding more fish into the ocean as time goes on. This even includes the new Mythical Goldfish. By not making any official mention of this, Epic seem to have genuinely created something of a miss. Until video footage was captured, quite a few players still didn’t believe the fish was real.

The best way to try out this new fish is by jumping in with a rod and trying to catch up yourself. While you’re be lucky to do so, if you can land one make sure you make good use its power!

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