The end is nigh: an Asteroid wipes out Fortnite

No, that doesn’t mean that the game is canceled – it just means that season 10 is over. In order to mark the end of this most recent season, Epic decided to go all out – what better way to wipe the slate clean than… to drop a giant space rock on it all?

Players have been left unable to even play the game, as all there is now is a black hole. Fortnite’s Twitter channel has also deleted everything it has posted and is instead running a permanent live stream of the black hole. Certainly not the most riveting piece of content that Fortnite has put out, but one of the most mysterious ones.

Fortnite Season 10 End - Black Hole on official twitter account

© Epic Games

This black hole is surprisingly popular – it currently stands at over 290.000 likes on Twitter. That’s pretty good for a huge amount of… nothing, which is what the black hole is.

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“The End” Event

Players who were online during the ‘The End’ event saw an in-game meteor shower that pretty effectively wiped out the entire Fortnite map. Prior to this, a timer above the rocket at Dusty Depot counted down to the big moment.

Those who were playing when the timer hit zero were sucked into a rift before the screen was replaced with a black hole at the center… and that was that. No more Fortnite. Reactions to this have been pretty varied – a lot of fans applauded Epic’s gutsy move, some were pretty shocked, others were getting withdrawal symptoms from not being able to play the game, and some more still were mourning the map.

The map had certainly undergone some changes, with locations being added and removed during all ten seasons. Now it seems to be gone for good. The black hole that has replaced the map isn’t ALL bad though – every once and again, some random numbers show up, and that only makes things more confusing.

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Conspiracy theories, and questions arise

Even Elon Musk got in on the act. Roughly a year ago, Musk tweeted out a (fake) article that suggested he bought Fortnite just to delete it. Now the game is, at least temporarily, gone and fans are having a field day with Musk, the black hole and that fake article – playful conspiracy theories are running rampant.

Another one involved streamer Ninja – he didn’t stream when the Dusty counter hit zero, and players wondered if he knew what was going on in advance. He said no – apparently his absence was because of a family trip to an NFL game he took on those two days. Whether that’s the truth is between him, Epic and Lions vs Packers, but Ninja DID give a clue – a completely useless one.

Desperate for hints, fans asked him for, well, something, and he delivered – the word Tacos. That’s it. That’s the hint – of course, it sparked even more curiosity among fans. Another big question is when the game will be back – in previous seasons, Epic always announced the end/start date for each new season – this time, they haven’t. Clearly, something big is going on behind the scenes!

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