Ninja and Twitch drama – Twitch advertises porn on Ninja’s stream

Only days after Ninja announced his exclusive partnership with Twitch’s competing streaming platform, Mixer, drama has arrived. This drama comes as Ninja halts activity on Twitch, only for the company to promote other streams on his profile, one of which was hosting porn.

Ninja and Twitch drama

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Ninja moving to Mixer

Earlier this month, it was announced Ninja would engage in an exclusive partnership with Mixer, another streaming website. While the terms of the deal are unclear, it is extremely likely Mixer provided Ninja with extremely favorable conditions, likely even paying the streamer a fee to sign an exclusive agreement with the company.

This deal intended to popularize Mixer, a much smaller streaming platform by bringing Ninja’s extremely large viewer base to the site.

Twitch advertising porn on Ninja’s inactive stream

Ninja alleges that he had been targeted due to his venture with Mixer by Twitch. He claims his offline stream page was the only one who had been promoting other Twitch channels. This was likely an attempt by Twitch to take his viewers away from him, thus keeping his fans on the Twitch platform.

While this alone is very distasteful by Twitch considering Ninja’s contribution to the streaming platform, their negligence of advertising a popular channel which that day was streaming porn is completely unacceptable. Ninja has since apologized on Twitter even though he bares completely no responsibility considering he did not wish for Twitch to advertise other streams on his page at all.

What now?

Ninja is currently in the process of taking his channel down completely considering he no longer has affiliation with the company. Twitch had already taken action against Ninja, removing his verified tick on the official Ninja twitch channel.

As Ninja announced on twitter, at the moment his twitch channel has been reset as a normal offline page.

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