Fortnite Season 11 – Start Date, Content, and More

Fortnite Season 10 has recently been extended a week, now coming to an end on October 13th. This further extension of the season has only built anticipation for Fortnite Season 11. Just what is Epic working on that needs the extra time?

Fortnite Season 11 is set to be Epic’s biggest change yet. Rumors have been floating around for a while about a really drastic change, and the clues from Epic seem to be backing them up this time. We can expect the usual array of new items, Battle Pass, and skins. However, for Season 11 we might be in for something even bigger coming to the game.

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Fortnite Season 11 Map

If rumors are to be believed, Fortnite Season 11 is going to be the most radical change to the game yet. Specifically, a new Fortnite Season 11 map. Over the course of Season 10, Fortnite’s map has been through a lot of changes. It had revisions happen nearly every week which each patch. This has been a novel approach to freshening up locations. It has also left the question of just what else can even be done with this map?

The evidence for the new Fortnite Season 11 Map has been of varying quality. Some things like Loading Screens seem a bit circumstantial. However, there was also a discovery of a group of POI names in the game’s code. If these POIs were added to the main map, this would be a really big change even for a new Season. The scope of them really seems to imply these are the main spots on a brand new map. These are the names that have been discovered:

  • Beachy Bluffs.
  • Camp Cod.
  • Dirty Docks.
  • Frenzy Farm.
  • Holly Hedges.
  • Lazy Lake.
  • Mountain Meadow.
  • Power Plant.
  • Slurpy Swamp.
  • Sunny Shores.
  • Weeping Woods.

This point towards s pretty full Fortnite season 11 Map! We’ll have to wait until the end of the Season to find out.

When Does Fortnite Season 11 Start?

If you follow Fortnite News, you’ll likely be aware that Fortnite ends each Season with a big event. After last season’s mech monster fight, expectations for high for Season 10’s blowout. A rocket has been constructed in Dusty Depot, which now features a countdown. Fortnite Season 11 is probably going to begin when this countdown reaches zero, on October 13that 2 p.m ET.

These big in-game events are usually built around the lore of the game. While plenty of players don’t really follow Fortnite’s ongoing plot, there isn’t much to follow. The event can give us some clues for the future though. Dataminers have found during the event, players will be teleported off of the Island to a new location, giving even more weight to the new map theories. Season 11 is due to begin at the conclusion of this event, which Epic has named ‘The End’.


Leaked Content

While Epic tries its best to save some surprises, some elements of future content usually get out into the wild. Players have leaked the file names for a number of skins that exist in the game. These are likely to make an appearance during Fortnite Season 11. While all we have to go on are these names, these Season 11 leaked skins sound promising enough.

  • FlowerSkeleton
  • BabaYaga
  • Celestial (Female Galaxy)
  • CubeRockerPunk (Dark Power Chord)
  • Razor
  • RaveNinja
  • ForestQueen
  • FortniteDJRemix
  • FutureBikerShorts
  • FParkourRobber
  • YerriyakiFishPrincess
  • LemonLime
  • Cattus
  • CuddleTeamDark
  • CrescentWizard
  • DarkRaptor
  • Durr Boxer
  • Hitman
  • Lion
  • Freak
  • Bat
  • CoolDog
  • Boxer
  • DarkDino
  • EmeraldDragon
  • EscapedPuppetFuzzy
  • EscapedPuppetHat
  • EscapedPuppetSuspenders
  • Tomato Boxer
  • Wizkid
  • Wraith
  • MeteorManRemix
  • SquidKid

Season 11 is going to be packed with skins and content. However, we can also expect some Halloween themed skins. These have been found in the game’s files and look likely to be for that event:

  • Skull Trooper Neon
  • Gangster Monster
  • Cuddle Team Dark
  • The Dark One
  • Slurp Creature
  • Wraith
  • Pale Spooky
  • Modern Witch.

Season 11 Battle Pass

The Fortnite Season 11 Battle Pass has yet to be detailed, but we can make some educated guesses. It will likely follow the format of the last Battle Pass; 100 tiers of rewards to collect as you complete challenges in-game. Those leaked skins might well be some of the rewards on offer. Progressing through the Battle Pass requires a bit of skill, although using the best Fortnite settings and thinking through your strategy helps too.

The Arena Mode ranking for the Season probably won’t be reset until another major event begins. Unlike games like Apex Legends, Fortnite’s competitive Season doesn’t always run directly parallel to in-game seasons.

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Fortnite season 11 will be unleashed on the world very soon. A new map might be one of the most exciting new features to come to the game. Players will have to be there on October 13thto find out for sure though.

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