Fortnite Duos eliminations record broken

Season 9 recently began in Fortnite, bringing with a revamped map and a range of changing to the game’s weapons and balance. Quite a few competitive players have taken these changes badly. As the Fortnite World Cup continues it is becoming clear that the only thing that doesn’t change in competitive Fortnite is pro players being upset about change. Despite the brand new metagame, this week a Duos team managed to smash the previous record for eliminations. This new record was set just after the new season began, showing that major changes don’t have to stand in the way of high-level play.


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The Fortnite Duos team Bawx and Colson are yet to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup. However, they have managed to rack up 48 eliminations in a single Duos team. This blows the previous record of 46 out of the water, accounting for nearly half of all players in the game. Even logistically, this is quite an accomplishment. Even reaching 48 scattered Duos of players before the storm would prove a challenge to most players.

The video provided of the record beating game makes it look simple. These are two skilled players. It was also done without the help of the Pump Shotgun. That was previously the weapon of choice for racking up eliminations until it was controversially vaulted in the most recent update.

Pumps account for 26% of all kills because of the nature of the game, not because it was OP. from FortniteCompetitive

This record was broken with a new untested balance along without the help of one of the best weapons in Fortnite so far. It is an impressive feat and a welcome change to see players still excelling despite changes to the game. This is going to be a hard record to actually beat in the future, barring any ridiculous strokes of luck from players dropping in the same spot.

Not quite the most eliminations

This isn’t the most eliminations ever seen in a game. That record currently belongs to a Squads game on a console with 61 eliminations. There ate also three PC records higher than this, but each of these was set in Squads. Squads games cluster enemies together more and make it easier for a well-positioned team to mop up more kills. For a Duos team fighting other Duos, this number might be as good as it gets.

These two players are currently relatively unknown. Hopefully, the attention from this recent record-breaking game will be enough to spur them into qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup over the next few weeks. As many established players lurch from rant to rant about the changes to the game, new blood might be needed. Players who can smash world records just after a major change to the game might be just the antidote to the competitive players who decry change in a constantly evolving game.