Fortnite iOS Coming Back, but Only in Europe

Fortnite iOS is making a comeback, in Europe! The iOS version of the game has been unavailable for some time thanks to an ongoing lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games. While that resolved without bringing the game back, something else has changed. A regulatory change in Europe means the game is coming to back to the app store in that region.

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Fortnite iOS Coming Back in Europe

Fortnite has been unavailable on Mobile for quite a while now. Across all Fortnite seasons, mobile players only got to experience up to Chapter 2 Season 2. Since then, the game has been frozen in time. Unavailable for download, and those with it installed can only loop around Chapter 2’s longest season. Over and over. In Europe, that’s set to change thanks to a recent rule change.

The core of Epic’s decision to remove Fortnite from the item store came down to sharing royalties for skin purchases. More than that though, Epic argued Apple should allow “alternative app stores”. To essentially let them have the Epic Games Launcher on their device. Apple hasn’t relented fully in this fight. However, a recent change in the EU means their hands have been forced. They have to allow other app stores, in the EU.

Within this one region, players will now be able to sideload apps. This will open the door back up for Fortnite iOS to return here. Apple hasn’t been happy about the decision to open up its ecosystem in the region. However, regulators have taken the choice away from them.

Epic has been perusing this problem for quite a while, often framing Fortnite being missing from the app store as a moral fight. That’s rather than a disagreement about sharing a percentage of V Buck sales in the Fortnite item shop. Epic has been celebrating the return of Fortnite on Twitter, telling Apple that “the world is watching.”.

Once the rule change comes into effect, Fortnite will be available on mobile devices. Fortnite iOS will only be offered in Europe. Its possible other regulators follow eventually though, which could mean a wider return for Fortnite.

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