Fortnite Item Shop – Everything You Need

The Fortnite item shop is your first stop to get into the world of skins, crossovers, and cosmetics! This is where the new events in Fortnite have their coolest content and where you can grab outfits that help you stand out. There’s new content all the time, the Fortnite item shop today is never the same as a week ago.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on a great deal, you should keep an eye on the item shop Fortnite offers every day. You never quite know when one of the best Fortnite skins is going to make a comeback!

Fortnite item shop

Source: Fortnite Intel

How to Access the Fortnite Item Shop

The Fortnite Item Shop is one of the easiest things in the game to access. Once you log on in, there are just a few steps to get through and what in the item shop Fortnite has on offer for the day.

  • Open up Fortnite
  • Navigate to the ‘Item Shop’ Tab on the top menu

That’s it, just two steps! To actually buy anything in there though, you’ll need to have V-bucks. There are some ways to get free v-bucks, but with the cost of skins sometimes you might need to pick some up too.

What’s in the Item Shop?

The Fortnite Item shop today might be different from other days, but it usually has a pretty familiar format. Everything is divided into a few key categories. These are the main sections you can expect to see.

  • Lockers/Fortnite Icon Skins – This section is where major real-world players get to pick cosmetics or even make their own skins feature.
  • Themed Emotes/Skins – These are under a specific headline around a theme.
  • Featured – A short section that includes some random returning or new items for the Fortnite item shop.
  • Daily – Items only made available for a single day!
  • Bundles – Bundles of skins that also come with V-Bucks or bundles of skins and Battle Pass levels.
  • Crossovers – Content from a crossover event.

Exact selections vary but everything is grouped logically, it’s easy to find what you want. There are also sections for the Fortnite Crew and Battle Pass.

How Often Does the Fortnite Item Shop Update?

That’s what you can find in the Fortnite item shop, how often does it get new gear though? The rotating content is what makes some skins really rare, as they could not return for a long time. The item shop will reset daily, there’s a small countdown in the corner of the screen letting g you know how long you have. However, not every item resets every day.

A lot of items stick around for a week or even two. These will often have their own independent timers. For some, you might have to move quickly if you want to pick it up though.

That’s how the Fortnite item shop works. Keep an eye on it if you’re looking for something in particular. Even long-thought-lost skins like Renegade Rider can make a comeback. The latest Fortnite news always includes new crossovers and skins too!