Fortnite Melbourne Esports Open 2019, new Click Esports series announced

The Melbourne Esports Open has announced plans to expand, launching a new Click Esports Fortnite series. The Fortnite Melbourne Esports Open will take place over September 1st and 2nd, with a prize pool of $480,000. The tournaments large prize pool is thanks to a new program from Epic Games; Showdownunder.

Fortnite Melbourne Esports Open

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This Showdownunder project is Epic throwing some light and appreciation on user-run Fortnite events. They aim to bring more attention to all of the Fortnite competitive events that take place outside of Epic’s tournaments. This Fortnite Melbourne Esports open Tournament is the first event to be featured in it. Epic is sponsoring the prize pool of the event and promoting it. This should help to bring in some more attention and viewers to the event.

The scheme is initially running in Australia but there are plans to expand it to other regions after it has been trailed here. Fan run events like this and Fortnite Friday diversify the competitive Fortnite scene. As Epic’s own tournament gets bogged down in the usual complaints about the metagame it is refreshing to see these types of tournaments thriving.

What’s happening at the Melbourne Fortnite Esports Open?

The Fortnite Melbourne Esports Open Tournament will be taking place in September. Strangely for a competitive event, it is going to be played in Squads rather than Duos or Solos. Teams of four are going to compete in the game to take home a share of the prize pool. However, the Fortnite prize pool is going to be spread evenly over every session taking place. The Saturday round’s prize pool will be donated to the charity of the winner’s choice.

As an Open tournament, it is going to be available to all comers! Opens are exciting events, it is the chance of names we may not know in Fortnite to show what they can do.

While the competitive tournament is the main event, there are a few other Fortnite related activities going on. There are a Fortnite themed dance-off and a number of setups available for attendees to use. These are just window dressing to the main event though.

Outside of Fortnite, the Fortnite Melbourne Esports Open is a growing event that already hosts 12,000 visitors over the course of the events. Australia has been home to quite a community organised tournaments, it is a scene that looks unlikely to die down anytime soon.

The Fortnite events at the Open are going to be taking place on their own Fortnite stage. If you can’t make to the event for some reason, such as not living in Australia and not fancying a 17-hour flight, then the event is going to be live-streamed to watch online!

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