All Fortnite Reload Map POIs

A brand-new game mode has arrived in Fortnite, and really quite suddenly. Fortnite Reload, a new more intense Battle Royale with a fresh map to boot. The best Fortnite Reload landing spots are all new! Although, the most popular one is probably going to be pretty familiar to fans.

The game has some heavy influence from Chapter 1, and the popularity of the Fortnite OG season last year. There are quite a few spots from the original map back, like Tilted Towers. That’s not it though.

There are quite a few remixed and original spots in the new map. Where are you dropping for this new game mode? We’ve got all of the spots across this brand-new map where you can head in rounds of Fortnite Reload. This is how the new map works and what to look out for here.

Fortnite Reload

Source: Epic Games

Fortnite Reload Map

The Fortnite Reload map is a lot smaller than anything we’ve seen for Battle Royale before. It’s a more intense and tightly packed game though. Players supposed to be breathing down each other’s necks all game, getting into fire fights really regularly.

Tilted is the biggest feature shown off early on the Fortnite Reload map. It’s maybe Fortnite’s most iconic POI. It’s returning and will likely be once again the hot spot to take fights. This time in the dead center of the map, where we can have matches ending in a big fight as often as possible.

It isn’t the only POI on this brand-new map though. There are quite a few other spots that you can see across the Fortnite Reload map.

All Reload POIs

Fortnite Reload Map

Source: Epic Games

  • Lone Lodge
  • Snobby Shoals
  • Pleasant Park
  • Tilted Towers
  • Lil’ Loot Lake
  • Sandy Sheets
  • Retail Row
  • Lazy Laps
  • Dusty Docks

There’s a few in here you likely have a good idea about already. We’ve got remixed versions of original POIs, like Lone Lodge. Clearly a cut down version of the Chapter 1 POI. There’s even a fun-sized Lil Loot Lake. That’s a shrunk down version of the old central island house in the game.

It’s great to see so many original locales returning for Fortnite Reload! It’s almost like a pocket sized version of the OG map. Outside of the major POIs though, we’re seeing quite a few fun non-named POIs popping up too.

This map is just the start too, we could see more changes come as we move through seasons. We’ll have to watch Fortnite updates to see if Reload is getting as many updates as every other mode.

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