How to Find the Fortnite Tow Hook Cannon

The latest Fortnite update has included tons of fun new items. One of the most notable of these is the Fortnite Tow Hook Cannon. This is an item that’s been teased since before the season began as a key part of Chapter 5 Season 3. The missing piece to the car combat that’s been dominating the game.

The Tow Hook Cannon is a bit different from what we’ve seen before. It isn’t just a new gun. It’s a new form of item, most similar to the Harpoon Gun. It’s got much more creative uses than that though. Fortnite Tow Hook Cannon can be a useful tool for mobility, as well as helping you take on the modded-up cars this season. It’s all over the loot pool since the most recent Fortnite update. What does it do and how can you get the most out of it though?

Fortnite Tow Hook Cannon

Source: Epic Games, screenshot

How Can You Find the Fortnite Tow Hook Cannon?

The Tow Hook Cannon is the latest item added to Fortnite, but where exactly can you find it? Like with most general items it’s all around the map. You can find it in chests, and in-ground loot. There isn’t a special looting location like one of the Fortnite Chapter 5 Mythics. It’s just available everywhere.

How to Use the Fortnite Tow Hook Cannon

Fortnite Tow Hook Cannon

Source: Epic Games, screenshot

Once you collect the Tow Hook Cannon, how can you use it? There’s more than one function. It’s essentially a hook gun. Fire it at an enemy and you’ll be able to hook them and deal damage. However, you can also use this hook to attach yourself. Tethering yourself to a car. It lets you grab a ride and stay close enough to blow up one of those vehicles.

The Tow Hook Canon works within 50 meters. It does a base 100 damage to opponents, 200 to builds, and even 300 to vehicles. It’s probably most useful for grappling around on vehicles, but if you want to go for a Tow Hook Cannon kills game you’re able to. It can actually deal some nice damage, especially in a hot drop where shield is rare.

Tips to Get the Most Out of It

That’s the Tow Hook Cannon, how can you get the most out of it though? Its best function is to grapple onto cars. It’s a useful way of keeping yourself tied to them so you can deal enough damage or steal a ride.

It probably won’t be useful in the last circle outside of knocking out some cars that are being driven around. The hook is definitely worth using though, especially to take out those boss cars. It’s probably the more useful new item compared to the Ride the Lightning Mythic, but both are going to be the source of plenty of fun.

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