Friday Fortnite Hiatus Explained

The organizer behind the popular Friday Fortnite, and Monday Minecraft, events has recently explained why the tournaments have taken a hiatus. We’ve also seen some more details about the difficulty of organizing the tournament, and how this is going to effect its future. This should clear things up a bit for viewers and give some confirmation of when we can expect to see this type of tournament again.


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Fortnite Fridays hiatus has been running since the tournament was canceled on August 16th. Previously to this, the tournament has operated on a bit of seasonal schedule. While the most recent run of Friday Fortnite lasted a few weeks, it has taken time off in the past. It is a shame that it seems to be on an extended break since it really is something unique. Friday Fortnite takes a different format to other competitive events. Compared with Epic’s own events, it is a wackier concept that places emphasis on making the event fun viewing.

Friday Fortnite seems entrants competing in actual live game servers. Rather than operating on a separate tournament server, participants to drop straight into public games. In there, they compete for the most kills. Playing in normal game servers gives the proceedings an element that is hard to predict.

The Friday Fortnite Hiatus

Friday Fortnite hiatus had been presumed to be business as usual. However, since then complications with its sister event Monday Minecraft have raised some questions. The organizer KEEMSTAR has explained what has happened with the two events. A hack hit the servers for Minecraft Monday, but it seems this wasn’t to blame for the delay.

Instead, KEEMSTAR has said the delays and cancellations come down to finical reasons. The event earns very little money. While it can operate on a very low budget, the tournament is hardly getting the big money of Epic’s events. Friday Fortnite has been suffering because of this lack of funds, KEEMSTAR describes the events as having had corners cut. Eventually, this has lead to Friday Fortnite hiatus.

It is a shame that Friday Fortnite has gone on hiatus purely from lack of funds. It is one of the most exciting Fortnite events that take place. There seems to be a lot of money floating around in major competitive events. However, it appears little of this makes it into the looser Friday Fortnite.

Friday Fortnite’s Future

KEEMSTAR has claimed that larger companies have attempted to take over Friday Fortnite. This would see quite a bit more cash injecting into the running. However, with the tournament not making much money it is likely that new organizers would reorganize things to change this. They wouldn’t be interested in running a tournament that makes them a loss. This could mean some major changes to get past the Friday Fortnite hiatus.

For the time being, KEEMSTAR intents on continuing to run these events himself and try to improve things. He has said he’d like to get things back on track in November for Friday Fortnite. This would be good timing with Epic’s next event. Hopefully, the tournament can continue in its current format for a while longer.