Fortnite Friday recap and results

FaZe’s Fortnite Friday tournament made a triumphant return this month after a year-long absence. The first round of the fan-favourite contest was held last week and a fresh bracket is waiting for this week’s proceedings. Fortnite Friday’s different rules and qualifications make it stand out from the competitive offerings currently held by Epic. This wackier and streamer focused tournament is providing a nice distraction from the ongoing Fortnite World Cup.

Fortnite Friday uses slightly different rules to most tournaments. A bracket of teams is drawn up, from here each pair of teams get matched in a public Squads lobby. Over two games they each compete to get the most eliminations. Whichever team does moves on to the next round. This is repeated until a winner is found.

MrSavage and Benjyfishy came out on top of the bracket, taking home the $10K prize pool after beating Kamo and Issa in the final round. These two players from the Ghost Gaming performed well in the previous rounds, nearly staging a come-back in the second map that could have clinched the game.

This second round game all ended in tragedy for the Ghost players. Both of them were eliminated halfway through the game, giving their opponents ample opportunity to rack up the eliminations they needed to push ahead.

Fortnite Friday results and round two

Other popular players like Ninja and Nate Hill also placed highly in the tournaments final ranking, which shaped out as:

1. MrSavage & Benjyfishy
2. Kamo & Issa
3. Ninja & Reverse2K
4. SypherPK & High Distortion
5-6. Secret Mongraal & Mitr0
5-6. ToryLanez & WrittenByRay
7-8. Nate Hill & FaZe Funk
7-8. Aydan & 100tElevate
9-12. NICKMERCS & Nio
9-12. FaZe Cizzorz & Ghost Bizzle
9-12. FaZeSway & Valkyrae
9-12. Timthetatman & KingRichard
13-6. FaZe Replays & Nick Eh 30
13-6. 100T Noah & FaZe Avxry
13-6. Mako & Froste
13-6. Lannon & x2twinsTwitch
17-24. Tinaraes & Maddie
17-24. RiceGum & FaZe Jarvis
17-24. Fae HighSky & TSM Slappe
17-24. Typical Gamer & FaZe Thiefs
17-24. Zuckles & Mccreamy
17-24. Creeday & NoahsNoah
15-32. London2Hype & Jesser
25-32. Joey Rage & Blay-K
25-32. Svenosss & Vikkstar
25-32. LosPollos & Mopi
25-33. MrBeast & ExillityTM
25-32. Gotga & Mickalow
25-32. Akademiks & Liquid Fiber
25-33. Dolan Dark & Nopeify

Only the top team from these results will receive a share of the prize pool. The other half of the money is awarded to one random viewer rather than another placing team.

The second in this series of Fortnite Friday will be taking place this week, with the brackets wiped clean and a fresh shot at taking home the top spot. The Ghost players who came in second last time around will have a lot to make up for, after losing out from a random death.

This week’s Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers have been postponed to give players the opportunity to play in the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am. This will make Fortnite Friday the main event this weekend.