Is there a Fortnite Update Today?

Fortnite updates way more regularly than most other online games. Unless you’re checking Fortnite news every day, you might not know if there is a Fortnite update.

Unless it’s a Tuesday, there isn’t a Fortnite update today! If it is a Tuesday though, there’s a pretty good chance we’re there is a new Fortnite update.

FN Map

You can find the patch notes with the rest of the Fortnite news if we’ve had a new patch. These are the dates when there likely will be a new Fortnite update today over the rest of Chapter 4:

  • Tuesday 24th Jan
  • Tuesday 31st Jan
  • Tuesday 7th February
  • Tuesday 14th February
  • Tuesday 21st February
  • Tuesday 28th February

The normal Fortnite update schedule is on Tuesdays, with alternating weeks for the size of updates. Sometimes those updates can get a bit mixed up though. Recently,  Epic dropped their first update after the Chapter 4 winter break on a Wednesday instead of the normal Tuesday schedule!

Updates can also slow down a bit over the end of seasons too. However, on most Tuesdays, there likely will be a Fortnite update. That could be a full update, a hotfix that changes content, or at least a new round of weekly quests!