Is there a Fortnite Update Today?

Fortnite updates way more regularly than most other online games. Unless you’re checking Fortnite news every day, you might not know if there is a Fortnite update.

Unless it’s a Tuesday, there isn’t a Fortnite update today! If it is a Tuesday though, there’s a pretty good chance we’re there is a new Fortnite update. Today we don’t have a full update, but there’s actually a few new things that have been changed in game.

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Source: Fortnite Daily on Twitter

Today’s Update – 02/07

Today has had some changes for Fortnite, but it hasn’t quite been a full patch with its own version number and patch notes. These are the major changes.

  • Geralt of Rivera Unlocked – Bonus skin challenges are now available!
  • Slurp Juice Unvaulted – The healing item is back.
  • First-Person Mode Vaulted – The bug that allowed players to test out FP is gone.
  • School of Llama – New questline and creative experience added in.

This isn’t a full version number patch. Epic isn’t publishing patch notes or announcing any big new features. Even the new item got announced via leakers rather than Epic themselves. However, it’s nice to have the bonus skin and a new approach to challenges in School of Llama.

Our next Fortnite update is going to be in a week which will likely remove the Dragon Ball content and potentially bring some new features.

Fortnite update 02/14

There is some very exciting news in the world of Fortnite today! February 14th marks the beginning of a brand new LTE – Fortnite Most Wanted. Players need to defeat Cold Blooded Bosses in order to earn the Vault Keycards to play in the event. The effort is totally worth it though! There are exotic weapons including:

  • Heisted Breacher Shotgun
  • Heisted Explosive Assault Rifle
  • Heisted Accelerant Shotgun
  • Hesited Run’n’Gun SMG
  • Heisted Blink Mag SMG.

But that’s not all – say hello to a brand new notoriety system a la GTA. The more you activate it, the more visible you’ll become to other players on the map, putting you at a distinct disadvantage in getting the Victory Royale. You may be wondering what the point of all this is. Well, there are also some pretty significant benefits including enemies dropping more bars, movement speed increases, health total increases and updated regeneration to both your health and shield.  The event only runs until February 28th so make sure you take advantage while you can!

Is There a Fortnite Update Today? – Schedule

You can find the patch notes with the rest of the Fortnite news if we’ve had a new patch. These are the dates when there likely will be a new Fortnite update today over the rest of Chapter 4:

  • Tuesday 21st February
  • Tuesday 28th February

The 14th and 28th will likely be bigger updates. However, in between, we could be getting hot fixes. Things are also open to change as Epic deals with bugs or other issues.

The normal Fortnite update schedule is on Tuesdays, with alternating weeks for the size of updates. Sometimes those updates can get a bit mixed up though. Recently,  Epic dropped their first update after the Chapter 4 winter break on a Wednesday instead of the normal Tuesday schedule!

Updates can also slow down a bit over the end of seasons too. However, on most Tuesdays, there likely will be a Fortnite update. That could be a full update, a hotfix that changes content, or at least a new round of weekly quests!

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