Logan Paul and Prince Harry decry Fortnite for different reasons

It seems that Logan Paul and Prince Harry have something in common, their hatred of Fortnite. Both have recently spoken out against the game and its appeals, but for some very different reasons.

Prince Harry’s recent speech has been reported as a call to ban Fortnite because of its addictive qualities. He said these comments at a YMCA’s event, using his platform and exposure to promote their outdoors activities for youths. This is part of a wider series of events from him that attempt to draw some attention to the problem of youth mental health.

Specifically talking about Fortnite, Prince Harry’s comments have made a lot of headlines. He has claimed that he would like to see it banned as it causes aggression in teenagers. Clearly, he is the opinion that blood sports are a much less aggressive hobby than a video game. This speech has been singled out as an attack on Fortnite, but it forms part of a larger narrative about social media and its negative effects. Logan Paul also addressed the problems with video game addiction, but outside of the same context of social media’s effect on young people.


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Logan Paul’s Response

Logan Paul addressed the issue in response to Prince Harry’s comments. He did also talk about his problems with addiction to MMORPG World of Warcraft, a nice personal touch to the increasing awareness of video game addiction. If Logan Paul will continue to play Fortnite, is unknown. Logan Paul using his platform among young people to spread awareness for something positive is a definitive improvement. It is worth noting though that Prince Harry’s speech, that he is claiming to agree with, has largely been taken out of context.

While Logan Paul might agree with the Fortnite specific potion, it comes as part of a larger movement. Prince Harry has been addressing the social problems caused by the internet and video games, talking about games as part of a wider culture along with social media, as specifically damaging to the minds of the nation’s youth. While his problem with violent video games seems a little hypocritical coming from someone who dresses up in Nazi uniforms and engages in regular pageant hunts, his comments on social media’s effect on mental health are much more thought out than the Fortnite sound bite. The Fortnite comments should be taken in this wider context, as part of a campaign to raise mental health awareness and question the role social media has played in that.

There is some irony to Logan Paul agreeing with these sentiments. Logan Paul has built his career from social media. More specifically, he creates social media content that is marketed towards a younger demographic. Many groups of parents and other interested parties have drawn attention to him creating content that is massively unsuitable for children. This has included imparting a bad view of mental health awareness, mocking suicide, and claiming to ‘go gay’ for a month. His job is literally the thing that was being attacked in the statements he agreed with.

Both Logan Paul’s and Prince Harry’s comments are worth reading or listening to outside of the sound bites that have made headlines. Each, to their credit, is a more nuanced view of the dangers of video game addiction. Despite some hyperbole about banning Fortnite, starting a conversation about responsible use of the game is definitely a positive. There has been serious research about the adverse effects of too much time gaming. While everyone might want to reach the heights of competitive players, it is important to play Fortnite in a responsible and balanced amount.

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