Fortnite Pros VS Public tournament announced

Australian Fortnite fans are being treated to another tournament with a difference, this time it’s an open call for the general public to face off against professional Fortnite Players. Fortnite: Pros Vs Public is an event being organised by Mogul taking place from 30th May. It gives everyday players the chance to take on some talent professional players in Fortnite. May one of them become the best Fortnite player ever?

The tournament is going to consist of five qualifier rounds, one of these will be held every week. The top players from each of these qualifying rounds will then go on to compete in the final of the tournament on 4th July. The Adelaide Crows’ Legacy professional Fortnite team will be taking part, facing off against whichever members of the public are good enough to progress through the prior stages.

The competitive team that will be playing in the tournament currently consists of Rel, Psyper, Jahlyn, and Valaxies. These players have had ranged amounts of success, but a good number of them have promising prospects for the rest of 2019. Rel competed in the first week of Fortnite World Cup Qualifier making it through to the finales for the Oceania region but failed to qualify after placing seventh despite placing highly in previous tournaments like the Scallywag Cup, Luxe Cup, and The World Cup Warmup.

Psyper has done considerably better recently. He won the World Cup Warmup for the Oceania region, came third in the Luxe Cup, and has made it through to the World Cup Qualifier finales every single week it has been running.  After qualifying every week, his most recent performance placed him seventh in the last solos round and 6th with his duos partner Repulse. With such consistently high scoring, he will be some tough competition at the Pros Vs Public. Jahlyn has also demonstrated some talent in recent weeks. He came in second in the last two rounds of duos qualifiers, and the 6th in week three of solos. It will be surprising if this doesn’t eventually result in a place in the World Cup finals.

The final player making up the pros in this tournament is Valaxies who hasn’t made much of an impact yet but has only just moved to Legacy after leaving Dark Sided in January. The public side of the tournament is wide open, maybe some unknown talent will end up taking home first place. The prize pool is physical goods, which should help avoid the problems of the last major third-party Fortnite tournament.

The Adelaide Crows’ Legacy

The Adelaide crows Legacy Fortnite team are part of the organisation that was previously known only as Legacy. This team began life as a League of Legends focused team but has since branched out and brought players for other games like Fortnite.  The Legacy was acquired by Mogul, a media company.

This media company rolled its Esports acquisition into the Adelaide Crows, a popular AFL team. This links this tournament to the growing interest in Esports from more conventional sporting companies and media organisations. This tournament is being directly organised by the owners of this Fortnite team. It’ll likely boost their team’s profile in Australia and help elevate them to another level with their Fortnite play.