Ninja reveals Fortnite Creative Trials

The Fortnite World Cup isn’t just about eliminations and besting 100 other players, it can also be about creativity. Well, kind of. The Fortnite World Cup Creative is giving players a chance to win at Fortnite through some unconventional means. While the Creative mode itself is essentially a sandbox, this event focuses on a few select sandbox creations. Players will be assessed by their creativity in these pre-made levels rather than their own level designing prowess.


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This Ninja Trials round is serving as a qualifier for the similar rounds of the actual Fortnite Creative World Cup. This first event features a set of trials from popular content creator Ninja. Those who manage to win out in this qualifying round will get the opportunity to compete in the main event, a tournament with a $3,000,000 prize pool.

To stand a chance of winning a place at the main tournaments, entrants have to submit videos of their trick shots in Ninja’s course. One of these submissions can be made per player, they will be judged and the top entrants awarded a place in the tournament. The criteria for these shots are the number of targets the player manages to hit, the distance of the targets to the player, and the creativity of the trick shot.

Not a normal Creative Map

The map is going to play quite differently to a standard Fortnite game and to most levels available in Fortnite Creative. Ninja announcement of the details of the tournament explained the mechanics to players more specifically. The level will begin in a tutorial level, you start in a dojo where the items and ‘weak points’ of the enemies are explained. Once you’ve been taught the mechanics, you’re let loose into the world to take down four different elemental bosses. Killing these bosses with creative trick shots are going to be a test of both creativity and reflexes within the game.


Ninja | Epic Games

There are some additional rules for players beyond just capturing the most stylish takedown. Clips of the trickshot have to be 30 second or less long. This limits the elaborate moves to a small window. The clip has to be taken in live play and on Ninja’s official custom map. in the game. You obviously can’t use the help of other players for your trickshot.

Any player who follows these rules and submits their entry before 12 AM on May 24th can stand a chance of gaining a place in the tournament. This sort of trial is going to be based on exploiting the core mechanics of a small slice of gameplay. Players with the creativity to explore the possibilities of the map will need to master the unique items within the game. It is definitely a different type of tournament to the main Fortnite World Cup. The skills it demands have more in common with the “all-backwards” speed-runs of the world than a standard Battle Royale, adding a bit of variety to the Fortnite World Cup.