Are Fortnite Planes Returning in C4 S5?

Fortnite at the moment is gearing up for the return of the Chapter 1 map. Epic has confirmed the first map is coming back, but that’s not all. According to some recent teasers, we’re getting tons of Chapter 1 content very soon, even including some bits that players might not be expecting to make a return! Teasers are pointing towards Ballers making a return, but also the Fortnite planes!

A recent teaser for the upcoming season of Fortnite has included glimpses at some of the content. We’ve seen new Peely skins, returning items like the pump, and even Fortnite planes making a comeback. Why do we think the vehicles are returning and how will they play when they do?

Are Fortnite Planes Returning?

Epic has started passing out a few teasers about the upcoming season of Fortnite. These started as small images given out on their official Twitter. It shows a familiar background, with new content showing on a reflective shard. Some of these are teasing skins, but more interesting for gameplay is what’s hidden in the background. In one of the new teasers, we can see Fortnite planes.

In the background behind one of the new skins, we see the planes flying in the sky. These planes were a controversial addition during Chapter 1, and it looks like they’re coming back this season too. While we have tons of vehicles like different cars now, the Fortnite planes are unique. Their airborne, trickier to takedown, and at times have been incredibly destructive to builds. Now we’ve seen the full splash screen for the new season, we can clearly see a plane just to the side of the FN logo.

Fortnite Planes

Source: @iFireMonkey

Why originally a little unbalanced for builders, Fortnite planes have actually been fixed since the original Chapter 1. They don’t deal as much damage to builds as they used to and they’re much better balanced with other elements. Fortnite planes have been back a few times for Winterfest events and usually prove fun in all Fortnite seasons. Along with the other C1 items, they’ll be a fun flashback.

Since we’re revisiting some of the more memorable moments of Fortnite Chapter 1, bringing back the Fortnite planes is going to add a fun element to both Builds and Zero Builds.

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