Tfue rebukes cheating allegations in the Fortnite World Cup

FaZe’s Clan Tfue has already qualified for the Fortnite World Cup as a Solo player. However, the same prize as a Duo with his FaZe clan team-mate Cloak still eludes him. As the pair have attempted to get into this summers tournament, even one of the most well-known players in Fortnite hasn’t been safe from cheating allegations. These accusations have plagued the opening rounds, with high-profile players XXIF and Ronaldo already banned from playing and thousands removed in the first two weeks alone. Tfue has been accused of cheating in the same way as those two players; being fed easy eliminations.

A Fortnite player named Boswuji is behind the allegation. During a game this weekend, Tfue had a particularly good start. He landed, found a gun almost instantly and was easily able to kill another player who was yet to find a weapon. It is a good start, but nothing out of the ordinary for Tfue or any semi-skilled player. However, Boswuji thinks this was just Tfue being fed a kill. In this context, the other player who landed would have been working with Tfue to give him an elimination early in the game. It is not out of the realms of possibility that such a major player might have assistance, but it seems like a stretch.

Cheating has been a major problem for the World Cup. Pretty much every qualifying round has had an influx of players being banned or disqualified after winning for cheating. However, Tfue hardly had an advantage. Watching the clip back, the spot where the cheating was alleged to have happened is relatively mundane. It is very easy to kill a weaponless enemy at an early stage when they are unarmed. Pretty much any player could have done what Tfue did, he simply lucked out by landing right by a weapon and an unprepared player. If this is the kind of performance that can only be achieved through cheating, then Boswuji certainly has a low standard for skill in Fortnite.


© Tfue

Tfue’s response to cheating allegations

Tfue initially responded to this allegation by insulting Boswuji’s streaming numbers.

A little mean, but mainly true. Boswuji has mainly been known in Fortnite his role in cheating controversies, not his popularity or high skill. Tfue followed this up by telling Boswuji “Like a 14-day ban matters when you suck and won’t qualify anyway”.  The level of play that Boswuji believed to be so amazing as to necessitate cheating certainly hints at a lack of skill. However, it is not the first time Boswuji has been involved in cheating allegations. He was banned earlier in the Tournament for what’s been a contested incident.

Epic decided his opening to a game was feeding another player an easy elimination. While he denied this, he was still given a 14-day ban. When he was killed in that game, he landed by a purple item and completely ignored it to pickaxe some stairs until he was killed. This is really suspicions behaviour, that Boswuji blamed on confusion and a bug.

Tfue’s incident was nowhere near the same level of convenience as Boswuji’s, making collaboration a lot less likely. Maybe Boswuji wasn’t handing someone else a kill, but instead has a strategy of behaving like it’s his first time booting up the game. In any case, it seems like Boswuji is attempting to bring other players down with him after a ban. It isn’t the best behaviour from a player trying to make a name for themselves.