Valkyrae discovers game-breaking Fortnite glitch during Twitch Rivals

This week the 100 Thieves player Valkyrae came out on top of a Twitch rivals game, but not through skill or use a mech. In this game, an accidental, but pretty big, glitch played the deciding role. This turn of events let her take the match. She described it as ‘unintentional hacking’ rather than specifically using an exploit.

The initial rounds of the game progressed completely smoothly. The bug only became present once the storm reached its final circle. With only a few other players still alive, Valkyrae’s realised that she wasn’t taking any damage at all when outside of the storm. This is a major problem since it allows players to just camp out the game in safety once they reach that point of the game.

After realising the glitch, Valkyrae stayed in the storm while talking over what had happened. This gave the other two remaining players time to fight. After one was eliminated, Valkyrae came in to eliminate the remaining player and win the game.

It has been made clear that this wasn’t a deliberate attempt to use a glitch in a game of Fortnite. While it was an accident, the player can’t really be blamed for finishing off the game. She took herself out of the running after this but stressed that this was in no way intentional.

What caused the glitch?

Valkyrae may have stumbled on this glitch by accident, but the real question is if it can be replicated deliberately? If a player can figure out how to recreate this glitch, they have a good chance of using it maliciously until it is patched.

So, it really is good news that no one is quite sure how this even happened. It is also unlikely that anyone is going to figure out how to repeat the glitch before Epic has a chance to patch it. As complaints about the B.R.U.T.E dominated this round of Twitch Rivals, it is nice to see some good old fashioned unintentional glitches ruining a game instead.

Valkyrae discover Fortnite glitch during Twitch Rivals

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Twitch Rivals

Twitch Rivals is Twitch’s own Esports season of events. Players compete in just about any game on Twitch, even Stardew Valley got a look in. However, with Fortnite dominating the Twitch scene still, its games also dominate Twitch Rivals.

This round of Fortnite Showdown carried a prize pool of $400,000. The winnings from Fortnite aren’t just limited to Battle Royale though. Twitch Rivals brings in competitive courses, Limited Time Modes, and even some bizarre custom games. The actual Battle Royale portion of the tournament actually only accounts for $2,000 of the prize pool.

The roster was filled with big players, but it is the absences that have drawn more attention. Fellow 100 Thieves player CouRage continued his mech-inspired Fortnite abstinence. Using it as an opportunity to continue his vocal opposition to the recent update. He has switched to Minecraft and used this as an opportunity for some passive-aggressive jabs at Epic.

Despite the continued animosity from some players about the B.R.U.T.Es, the Twitch Rivals competition got off to a great start. It seems the noise over mechs might finally be dying down a bit.

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