Where Do Chickens Spawn in Fortnite?

Chickens and other wildlife are kind of weird in Fortnite right now. It has been a while since the Chapter 2 crafting days when it was truly useful, and yet all of it persists. If you actually need to track down a specific bit of wildlife though, it can feel like it got quietly vaulted at some point. Where do chickens spawn in Fortnite Chapter 4? Surprisingly, they are still in the game. Fortnite is still here but not all over the map.

You’re only really going to see the major wildlife creatures in a few places now. If you don’t already know the answer to where do chicken spawn in Fortnite, you probably aren’t going to stumble on it randomly. Even if how much time I’ve spent in Fortnite is huge, it’s a limited pool of places to even find them.

There’s one major chicken spawn in the current Fortnite map, and it is in a fairly logical place. However, there’s a second spawn that can be much more rewarding, if you can tolerate a bit of RNG. This is everything you need to know to answer where do chickens Spawn in Fortnite?

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Where Do Chickens Spawn in Fortnite?

Outside of Avian Week, Fortnite chickens aren’t a dominant presence on the map anymore. You don’t see them wandering around the map and you’re unlikely to run into them if you don’t visit very specific spots. Even in these spots, they’re hard to miss. If you’re looking for the chicken spawns, these are the major areas on the Chapter 4 map:

Frenzy Fields

The easiest answer to where do chickens spawn in Fortnite is Frenzy Field. This is the farm POI. It just makes sense. The building has loads of spots where chickens would be naturally roaming. You can usually find a few wandering around in the areas surrounding Frenzy Field. Specifically, the fields to the north, south, and west of the POI. They can wander quite a bit from here though, so the odd one might pop up further afield.

Other Spawns

Alongside Frenzy Field, a few other chickens can be spotted. You can sometimes see them wandering around in the ice biome for some reason. There’s also the potential that someone picks up a chicken and transports it. Although, the other spawns are much more reliable.

The Chicken Farmer NPC

The other major answer to where do chickens spawn in Fortnite involves the Chapter 4 NPCs. Alongside characters in steady locations, there’s now a second group that rifts in mid-game to random spots. One of these is a chicken farmer.

If you’re in a game with this character, he’ll rift in somewhere, along with his hutches and pens of chickens! He’ll stand by and guard his pets for the game. These aren’t standard chickens though; they’re loot chickens with high-tier weapon drops. If you kill them, you will have to endure making the farmer cry.

That’s the second place that chickens spawn in Fortnite right now. Although, that one is entirely random so you can’t really bank on it happening in every game.

What Do Chickens Do?

Without crafting, what exactly do chickens do? They have two main uses. The first is that you can grab them and float like a coocoo from Zelda! The other use is a bit harsher, you can kill them to get their meat for some quick heals!

Whatever your reason for finding them, that’s the answer to where chickens spawn in Fortnite Chapter 4. Outside of any Fortnite news of Avian week making a return that is, which will probably see them overrunning the entire map once again.

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