FPX vs RNG – LPL Summer Week 2 Match Preview & Analysis

The LPL Summer Split is already underway with Week 2 of action. Today, FPX and RNG will clash against each other in RNG’s first match of the split. Who will reign victorious?

Let’s break it all down.

RNG 2022 LPL Summer

LPL Summer Week 2 – RNG’s debut match

Royal Never Give Up are the most recent MSI Champions, after beating fan favorite T1 in the finals. The LPL team showed great promise and very good preparation throughout the tournament.

With that being said, RNG found themselves in a very weird situation, where they had to trade their top laner Bin for BiliBili Gaming’s top Breathe. Basically, the teams that the two were playing in last year didn’t want to sell them to the two organizations, so they came to an agreement where they would buy each other’s players and exchange them after spring. At the end of this deal, it is obviously RNG who had the shorter end of the stick.

RNG still haven’t played any official match in this LPL Summer, so their performance will be a question mark. On the other hand, Top Esports have already played two series, one against JDG (loss) and one against Team WE (win).

Top Esports’ shows weakness in opening week

I believe that Top Esports’ first-week performance was mainly influenced by the drafts. Their bans were very questionable, where they put most of their focus on either the solo lanes. Kanavi is JDG’s strongest member, so taking away his picks would’ve been a better choice.

Indeed, The game TES won against JDG was when they banned out Wukong and Viego. Leaving Wukong open to the red side was also a questionable choice: the Monkey King is the strongest jungler on the patch.

In week 2, TES made some adjustments and are sticking to what others have been playing: this allowed them to quickly sweep Team WE.

I’m curious to see how RNG will battle after coming back from MSI. Breathe was decent on BLG but I think it’s still overall a downgrade to Bin. Nonetheless, the team can rely on great players in the other roles, and the super carry GALA. The battle vs JackeyLove down in the bot lane will be super exciting, with Ming slightly ahead of Mark.

If we’re looking at the individual lanes, top lane is the one I’m most worried about. Waynard has improved a lot over the spring split and Breathe might not be able to match him, especially if Waynard plays Gwen is against a decent matchup.

Overall, the match will be close and I’m not expecting less than a 3-game series. RNG are coming into the series as the favorites, but TES have the potential to take the match depending on drafts. I don’t think RNG will dominate, especially in their debut match. The LPL Mid-Season roster shuffle might come back to haunt them.

Below you can find all the other LoL odds for the series:

  • Correct Map Score: RNG 2-1 TES (3.58x)
  • Match total kills: over 54.5 (1.70x)
  • First Blood: RNG (1.58x)
  • First Dragon: RNG (1.65x)
  • Total Towers: over 12.5 (2.23x)
  • Map Duration: over 29.5 (1.71x)