G2 Esports Signs Former Sentinels Captain ShahZaM

According to a report by George Geddes, G2 Esports has signed the famous VALORANT player Shahzeeb “ShahZam” Khan to its roster for the upcoming VCT 2023 season. ShahZam left Sentinels a while ago and moreover, his old teammate dapr will also be joining him alongside wippie, Oxy, curry, and the head coach Immi.

ShahZam is one of the most known players in the VALORANT esports scene. After leaving Sentinels, many fans were surprised that he did not sign with any of the franchise teams in NA. His free agency status will change soon, according to a report by George Geddes. G2 Esports is trying to find a way to get into the franchise league by winning the Ascension tournament and they are going to compete in the North American region as expected. According to the report, G2 has signed ShahZam, dapr, wippie, and Oxy. Formed C9 player curry has also been trialed with the team.

ShahZaM is the best player in NA

Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan

ShahZam’s Professional Background

ShahZam’s fame comes from Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The American player used to be a professional CS:GO player and he played for many different teams in the region between 2012 and 2019. Cloud9, OpTic Gaming, Echo Fox, TSM, Misfits Gaming, and compLexity Gaming were some of the teams that he competed for throughout his Counter Strike journey. After retiring from the game in 2019, he switched to VALORANT and joined Sentinels in the first quarter of 2020. Until the end of the 2022 season, he competed for Sentinels and won multiple championships, becoming one of the best VALORANT players in the North American region.

Throughout his time with Sentinels, ShahZam won North America Stage 1 Challengers 1 2021, North America Stage 1 Masters 2021, Stage 2 Masters – Reykjavik 2021, and North America Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs 2021. However, Sentinels made an awful start to the 2022 season and the organization missed all the international events, which caused the disbandment of the roster.

It is rumored that G2 Esports had guaranteed a spot in the North American VALORANT league but due to the recent situation with the team owner Ocelote, they lost the chance to compete at the highest level. However, G2 Esports aims to build a roster that could win the Ascension tournament and earn the spot that they lost in the franchise league.

Revamped G2 Roster

ShahZam has a wide span when it comes to VALORANT agents. We have seen him play with agents like Jett, Sova, Breach, and Raze. His most picked agent is Jett by far but his Sova gameplay is also respected by authorities. His experienced teammate from Sentinels, dapr will also bring the vision to the team for sure. Oxy and wippie are slightly less experienced than these two but they played for some of the most important North American organizations last year.

Lastly, Version1’s ex-head coach Immı will lead the roster as their new head coach. G2 Esports’ plans are surely winning the Ascension tournament to get a place in the franchise league in the upcoming season. There is no official announcement yet but the roster is expected to be revealed soon by the organization. Until then, the fifth player of G2 Esports may change and they may surprise us with someone new.