Valorant Weekly – G2 Valorant Wins Again, Growing Esports Calendar & Leaked Agents

Valorant is the newest contender in the FPS genre, but it has already managed to make a pretty big impact. The competitive news is dominated by the G2 Valorant squad, who have once again taken home the first place in a Valorant tournament. On top of that, we’ve seen leaks about the next two Agents coming to the game. Between this content and all of the upcoming Valorant tournaments, the game is growing faster than ever.

G2 Valorant wins WePlay Valorant Invitational

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G2 wins WePlay! VALORANT Invitational

The first big bit of Valorant news comes from the WePlay! Invitational. This was an invitational which was held as part of the Ignition Series. Valorant is still relatively new, but the G2 Valorant team is already cementing themselves as a fixture in the winning teams of competitive Valorant. This is their second major win, and they’ve only competed in two events so far. They might well be the best Valorant Team around at the moment.

The roster built around former CS:GO pro Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas Colocho has been practicing daily and recruiting new players slowly. The roster now consists of Mixwell, paTiTek, pyth and ardiis. Another former CS:GO pro David “davidp” Prins is currently serving as a stand-in for the team, but we expect a contract will be signed soon.

G2 performed really well over the course of the event. As well as coming out ahead overall, they demonstrated great form across the entirety of the tournament. They won 97 rounds out of the 175 that they played. Particularly notable was a 13-3 win against nnDM on Bind.

The Valorant July tournaments have so far shown off that the game is growing fast. Its competitive scene is developing pretty well. G2 might stay on top of this growing field for a while. Although, with the game still developing we might see other teams rise to their level soon.

Leaked Agents

Valorant in July hasn’t been just the competitive side of the game. We’ve also had some news on the future of the title itself. It seems to be following the lead of Overwatch’s Esports scene, by adding plenty of new content in the way of characters. New agents are in the works for Valorant, and we’ve recently seen a few leaks that give us a better idea of what’s coming.  This is what the Valorant July leaks have revealed some information about two upcoming agents:


  • Shatter was first found in the game’s files back in the closed beta. We now know a bit more about their abilities though.
  • Decoy – This will allow Shatter to create Decoy clones of themselves around the map. Similar to that you’ll find in Fortnite.
  • Clone Explode – This one isn‘t as clear based on the files. A good guess would be exploding those decoys to use them as walking grenades.


  • Some information has been found about another Agent, Crusader.
  • Crusader will have a shield ability that blocks damage and might be throwable. This shield seems to be breakable over time, so it’ll have its own health.
  • Crusader will also have a grenade to throw, similar to other duellists.

Valorant’s Growing Esports Scene

Valorant July is just the beginning of the game’s Esports scene. There are plenty of events for the game on the horizon. If you’re looking at Valorant betting, then these are the events you’ll want to find the best odds on. Particularly if G2 continues to dominate these events. This is where you can see the best Valorant players in the next few weeks:

  • Cup – Upcoming tournament featuring EUs best teams including G2 Valorant
  • Hashtag Indy Season 1 – This is still ongoing through the end of July.
  • Pax Arena Invitational – This Valorant July event is due to start on the 22nd, and runs through the 24th.
  • Dell Gaming Cup – This is a Russian tournament due to take place. A great indicator of which players to watch in that region.
  • eArena VC Main Stage – This is an event in Thailand that looks set to be an exciting tournament.
  • Legend Series 5 – The Legends Series is an ongoing event that has been some of the most interesting so far.
  • PK Gauntlet – This is an early Valorant invitational organized by Pittsburgh Knights

These are all set to be exciting events for Valorant’s growing Esports scene. Valorant has more on the horizon than most games at this stage in their development, so you’ll have plenty to watch if you’re looking for high-tier Valorant play.

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