G2 Esports vs Vitality – LEC Spring Playoffs Preview

LEC Spring Playoffs 2022 are finally underway! Now that the first round of matches has finished, it’s time to analyze the series between G2 Esports and Vitality in the losers’ bracket. Who will prevail and who will end their Spring Split run?

Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

G2 vs VIT LEc 2022 Spring

Caps or Claps?

G2 Esports vs Vitality – LEC 2022 Spring Playoffs

Vitality made it out alive from the series in the first round against XL Esports. They came out on top after a very close series, turning the score in their favor in the last two games.

Despite winning, however, Vitality are still showing the same weaknesses that have haunted them throughout the regular split. The team heavily relies on individual talents and laning prowess to gain leads on the map, which is a way more volatile way of playstyle compared to macro-oriented teams. Some claim that Vitality does look like a SoloQ team with an insane lineup, but in competitive that is not always enough.

Vitality’s shining star continues to be Alphari, as he can beat most top laners in an isolated matchup. With that being said, we did see Vitality have success with teamfight comps against XL. It will be interesting which version of Vitality will show up against G2 Esports.

Speaking of G2 Esports, Caps and his teammates lost the winner’s bracket series against Fnatic. While they did perform decently, it feels like there is still a gap with the top teams from the LEC. They struggled in capturing most of the neutral objectives and couldn’t really match Fnatic on the macro coordination. Their only win against Fnatic was mainly due to a draft gap, as they were able to get both Karma and Hecarim.

Jankos will be an important key to the series since he’s responsible for most of the early game action. Playing mainly for top and mid, he’s very similar to Selfmade in that regard. With that being said, Jankos covers a much more supportive playstyle, while Selfmade plays to get the resources for himself. Let’s dive into the analyses more deeply in the next section.

Series Predictions & Betting Markets

We mentioned that both junglers will play a vital role in the series and how their team will perform relative to their decision-making. Both teams have very performable top and mids, and junglers will be the key to swinging the matchups in their team’s favor. We can imagine powerpicks like Hecarim, Volibear and Lee Sin on the ban list, with Trundle and Viego as the two possible counters in certain matchups.

Aside from junglers, I think that supports will also have a saying, especially around the Rift Herald spawn and generally in roams. Whoever sets the plays better will have a huge advantage in the early mid game. Between the two, I think that G2 Esports has a better execution on that, as Targamas has shown that he can make the right movements across the series. Alphari will likely be hard-targeted both in drafts and in-game, forcing him to play more conservatively.

The bot lane has not been mentioned so far, but I think that they will impact the game early on. Only if we get to the later stages of the game, then Carzzy should prevail marginally on Flakked. However, with how both teams should play, I don’t see that happening.

Having said all of this, I expect G2 to win. Not only are they more consistent with their performances, but I think the two teams’ potentials are not that much different. The only way I see Vitality winning the series is if they can work out a way to neutralize G2’s intentions over and over again. It won’t be a quick 3-0: Vitality will win a series somewhere, so a 3-1 would be the expected result. Based on the analysis above, below you can find the best LoL odds for this match:

  • Winner: G2 Esports (1.82x)
  • Total Maps: over 3.5 (1.35x)
  • Correct Map Score: G2 Esports 3-1 (4.39x)
  • First Blood: G2 Esports (1.85x)
  • First Dragon: Vitality (1.52x)
  • Race to 5 kills: G2 Esports (1.88x)
  • Map Duration: over 33.5 (1.85x)
  • First Herald: XL Esports (1.55x)
  • Match Total Kills: over 106.5 (1.58x)
  • First Tower: G2 Esports (1.69x)