Gala Games – Who are they and why you should be paying attention

Gala Games has caught the headlines for a recent surge in price on their designated token, $GALA. However the price increase was short- lived as it has recently plummeted by a considerable 20%.

With new titles on the verge of the release and with talks of them being featured on the world famous Steam gaming platform Gala Games have the potential.

Read on further to find out more about Gala Games as a company, what they are currently offering and what the future holds for them as we see web3 gaming growing more and more as the months pass.

Who are Gala Games?

Gala Games is a blockchain gaming platform that aims to provide web3 technologies and services to gamers and developers. The company was founded back in 2019 by Eric Schiermeyer, Wright Thurston, and Michael McCarthy. Both Eric and Michael co-founded and worked for Zynga. They are the mobile game developers who were the brains behind Farmville.

Gala’s eco-system is built on both the Ethereum and Binance smart chain. However, there are talks for them to make the switch to their own native blockchain in the future. Pretty cool!


Image Credit | Gala Games

Since its inception, Gala Games have managed to build up quite the workforce of 90 keen workers who are developing their vision. They have also managed to catch the eye of some of the leading names in web3, featuring Brave (founded by the creator of Mozilla and Java) and Polygon.

The main aim for Gala’s platform is to bring autonomy and ownership to both gamers and developers. They want the earnings from games to go directly to the dev teams without a middle man needed, this allows studios and teams to grow at a quicker rate creating better projects in the future and so on.

4 main principles are what drive Gala and their services.

  • Fun first
  • Owned by players
  • Community rules
  • Powered by the people

What Gala Games offers – Gaming

At the time of writing Gala Games have a wide range of services and products available that are enjoyed by millions worldwide. Firstly they provide a wide selection of games that are ready to play.

A total of 15 are available and they are as follows:

  • Spider Tanks
  • Legends Reborn
  • Townstar
  • Superior
  • BattleStar Galactica Eternity
  • Grit
  • Fortitude
  • Eternal Paradox
  • Champions Arena
  • The Walking Dead: Empires
  • Town Crush
  • Mirandus
  • Legacy
  • Last Expedition
  • Echoes Of Empire

Games via Gala are easy to access and many of them require just one click and you are in on the action. Others require a download of the designated launcher on your desktop or laptop, however there is not much stress in getting set up on these games.

What Gala Games offers – NFTs

What isn’t a web3 gaming platform without the implementation of NFTs somewhere?

Gala Games have integrated NFTs into their games with each game having its own storefront for the available collectibles. It has been recorded that 26, 000 NFTs have been sold on the marketplace to date. The most expensive out of all them amassing a whopping fortune of $ 3 million. I wonder what that’s priced at since the hype for NFTs has died down considerably.


Image Credit | Gala Games

What Gala Games offers – Crypto token

Gala Games have also got their own native token, $GALA. The token was first made available back in September of 2020. It is used as the medium of exchange on the Gala platform.

You can earn GALA through staking, investing and playing the games on Gala’s platform.

Gala have also made the ‘Gala Nodes’ available for their users. A node is a part of a currency that is necessary for them to function. Many have them such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It keeps tracks of the crypto on the blockchain as a decentralized ledger.

Using Gala’s designated nodes opens up opportunities for earning more on the Gala platform. Earn exclusive NFTs and more tokens.

To learn more about nodes within Gala be sure to visit their site.

Recent headlines

There were headlines possibly stating Gala had been hacked as the coin dropped 20%, causing $1 billion to be liquidated from the market cap.

Claims were soon dismissed as it had turned out that Gala had attacked themselves for future safety procedures against any potential hackers. A single address had minted $1 billion Gala Tokens which raised concerns

“We noticed pGALA wasn’t to be considered safe anymore and coordinated the white hat attack to prevent pGALA from being maliciously exploited,” – PeckShield

A new GALA token will be created to replace the old one. Having this new one created will allow people to be safer whilst operating on the blockchain and using the token. Many people have sold due to this issue causing further declines.