Darrel Sim Interview about Gank Global’s mission to generate income for gamers and creators

Years ago, content creation was a hobby. Today, it is a profession, and many people make millions of dollars each year. While it’s possible to make money by streaming, the majority of people who do it are incredibly small. On Twitch, the top 5% get 75% of all viewing time.

Getting paid from live streaming is hard work and requires a lot of energy and content. There are a small minority of people who are getting rich off of it. The best Twitch streamers make a lot of money through various means. They mostly make a living by combining multiple sources of income such as paid subscriptions, donations and sponsorships. The majority of a streamers income comes from:

Darrell Sin Gank Global Interview

Darrell Sin / Gank Global

  • Esports Earnings
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Twitch Subscribers
  • Sponsors
  • Donations from viewers

The top streamers also combine their twitch earnings with income from professional gaming. Most content creators/streamers also try to build a personal brand. This makes them stand out in the streaming community and provides them with more opportunities. Creating a personal brand is similar to building a celebrity’s. It’s why many game streamers are referred to as influencers.

We connected with Darrell Sin, Community Manager, of Gank Global to understand their impact on gamers and creators.

What is the Gank platform?

Darrell Sin: Gank Global is a gig/freelancer platform like Fiverr, created specifically for Gamers. It is an informal marketplace platform where services are hired through chat and executed over integrated voice chat or screen share.

Why was it important that a platform like this was created?

Darrell Sin: Currently, the gaming industry is two times larger than the music and movie industry combined, but yet there are so few earning a sustainable living as gamers compared to actors and musicians. Gank is going to revolutionize the gaming industry and give gamers a chance to monetize their game time.

What are some of the big projects Gank is working on?

Darrell Sin: Gank is working with gaming streamers and content creators to enhance their income sources. Through Gank, they can now earn by creating content while fulfilling a gaming gig request.

Another big project we are working on is with the 3 largest influencer agencies in SEA (eGG, Tier1, and Whym), where they have agreed to get their influencers to join the Gank platform, helping them to create a more sustainable income through gaming. As streamers and influencers find gaming income more sustainable, they will be even more committed to creating gaming content that leads to clicks and followers. Their time on Gank will encourage a cycle of influence growth, which will certainly increase their chances of getting hired for their next big gig.

Darrel Sin Gank Global Interview

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