Gen.G vs EDG – Worlds 2021 Preview, Predictions & Betting Lines

Following our predictions between T1 and DK, we will be looking at the series between EDG and Gen.G of the League of Legends Worlds 2021 Championship. Let’s see how these two teams have done so far and what we can expect going forward.

As usual, we will break down the LoL Worlds Odds and likely in-play outcomes at the end of the article. (Odds are courtesy of Bet365)

Geng vs EDG

EDG is China’s last hope

EDG came out victorious in their match against fellow compatriots Royal Never Give Up. It was a very exciting series, ended 3-2 for EDG, where both teams showed their strengths. In the end, it was down to the mid laners, as Scout made a much greater impact compared to his counterpart Crying.

We mentioned previously how that was going to be the key to both teams’ success, and it did. Crying, however, was hardly targeted in the draft, and was forced to play unconventional picks like Annie. In such an important series, the champion pool differences prevailed.

EDG is now the last Chinese team standing at Worlds 2021. Both RNG and FPX have been eliminated, as they are now LPL’s last hope for a trophy. EDG will have to face now one of the top three giants from the LCK, Gen.G, at the Worlds semifinals.

Gen.G – Finally stepping up

After last year’s disappointing Worlds run, this year Gen.G made it to the Worlds semifinals. Considered by many one of the worse LCK teams, they were still able to demonstrate how strong Korea as a region is.

Coming into the tournament as the second seed, Gen.G ended up winning their own group in the most historic tie-breaker of Worlds history (all teams finished with the same 3-3 score). Their 1st place finish gave them an easier time in the quarterfinals, as they quickly swept NA’s last hope Cloud9.

Now that they made it to this point, Gen.G is finally hoping to triumph and win their second Worlds Championship. Remember that this is the same organization that won in 2017 under the name Samsung Galaxy. Following their rebrand, Gen.G has been desperately trying to be the best team from Korea, but they were never able to make that one last step. This, though, will be their biggest chance.

Overall for both the teams the Quaterfinals results were expected, and our Worlds 2021 Pick’em ended up exactly as planned. Let’s hope our predictions hold up moving forward as well.

EDG vs Gen.G Predictions – WORLDS 2021

We’ve mentioned how EDG was able to beat RNG thanks to greater mid advantage. It’s highly unlikely that they will do the same against Gen.G: Bdd has been their best player by far this tournament.

Not only that, but Gen.G’s ADC Ruler is definitely on par with his counterpart Viper, so both mid and bot are going to be equally strong. As a result, both teams’ key to victory will be their top and jungle. With the meta shifting around these two quite heavily, we will see a lot of action up there. Quite possibly with the support roaming around the map to secure objectives. If you just started betting on LoL Worlds, the most gains can be made on in-play and objectives focused markets.

With that being said, I’m still favoring EDG in this series. (1.50x) EDG’s top-jungle duo was battle with RNG’s duo, considered by many of the best at Worlds 2021. Gen.G will definitely struggle in this case, and they must find openings around mid-lane or bot. Not only that, but Gen.G struggled more during groups and didn’t have the chance to showcase their level of play against Cloud9. Now that they will face a favorite for the tournament, I think it will be the end of their great run.

Betting on the final score between EDG and Gen.G at Worlds will not be an easy thing. A lot will come down to how both teams cope with the stress and the momentum. Anyway, I reckon that Gen.G will be able to win a game, possibly Game 2 (2.20x) or Game 3 (2.20x). If EDG gets to match point, however, they won’t be able to bounce back. As a result, it will likely be a 3-1 for EDG (3.75x)

If you’re looking to make some extra cash in this series, I also suggest going over-1.5 inhibitors (1.80x). Both teams are not extremely greedy and they’ll always try to break the base gradually. It’s a very good way to make a small extra on this series!