GimR’s Gimvitational to feature crowdfunded prize pool and banger lineup  

Between co-founding the Smash World Tour and his recent Slingshot tech, GimR has definitely made a name for himself recently. The player is continuing in this with the launch of a new tournament the Gimvitational. This is going to be an invitational Smash Bros Ultimate pro tournament.

Notably, it’s going to feature a prize pool that is taking a unique approach that spread the innings out across more of the competitive community.

Gimvitational gimr

The Gimvitational

The Gimvitational is an invitational tournament, from the streamer GimR. It will be held as an in-person event from June 16-19th. There is going to be a starting prize pool of $10,000, although this has the potential to grow. The tournament is going to use the standard competitive rule sets, and the players invited are already some of the top contenders in Smash Bros.

Those attending the tournament so far include these invited players:

  • Sparg0
  • Tweek
  • Riddles
  • Cosmos
  • Light
  • Marss
  • VoiD
  • Kola

These two players are also attending from their placement at Kagaribi 7:

  • Acola
  • Ashimo

These should make for some interesting matchups, especially with players like Sparg0 in attendance who have been on fire this year. The rest of the invites will be picked by a community vote. Over the first week of June, fans can vote through the players that they want to see attend. We’ll know the full roster of who is playing at the Gimvitational by June 8th.

Gimvitational Prize Pool

The prize pool for this Smash Bros Ultimate competition works a bit differently. It’s starting off at $10,000. On top of this, stream donations and shop purchases will contribute to the player fund too. What’s unique is that this player fund isn’t a traditional prize pool. The split is going to depend on the votes players get from the community. Even those who don’t get a spot at the Gimvitational will be receiving a share of the funding here.

The prize pool itself is having a base total of $10,000. This extra funding will help ensure most players receive a better payout. There are even some stretch funding goals for if the prize pool is increased enough. That’s going to include a tournament with the 8 youngest players against the 8 oldest (dubbed Zoomers vs boomers), a Mario Strikers tournament, a quads tournament, and a chaos tournament. The last one would add a new rule for every round of the bracket, giving an interesting twist to things.

These extra game modes would definitely be a fun way to expand the tournament.

GimR in Smash

Gimr has become pretty prominent in Smash Bros lately, with inventive tournaments like this and his recent work on the new tech it’s easy to see why. Although, most fans are probably just hoping that he manages to avoid another stream catastrophe during the tournament. Seeing the ‘Back to the lab’ screen when it was scheduled is almost expected after his delays on the last hyped event. He did manage to confuse people a little still though, by posting a Reddit ask me anything and then leaving for hours before answering any questions.

The Gimvitational is going to be an in-person event for Ultimate. Between the competitive-focused main event and the side tournaments, this is going to be an interesting set of matches.