Sparg0 takes third Major at Low Tide City 2022 – Rethinking Power Rankings

Smash Bros might not be at EVO this year, but we’re in the midst of a lot of majors for the game. The busy season has continued this week with low Tide City 2022. Recent tournaments in Ultimate have felt like anyone’s game. Sparg0 began the year with some dominant runs of wins, but MKLeo and Glutony have taken majors at Genesis 8 and Pound 2022. Going into low Tide, there was a lot to play for.

Sparg0 took home another major win, and we should rethink how we rate our players coming into future events.

Sparg0 Smash

Sparg0 Wins another Major

Low Tide City 2022 was held this week coming off the back of recent tournaments. The last two major winners MKLeo and Glutony weren’t in attendance this time around, but Sparg0 still faced some stiff competition the whole way through the tournament. He was something of a favorite heading into the event, but he dropped a set going into the top 7 which had him end up in the losers’ bracket.

The finals bracket began with Kola facing Dabuz. These were more eventful rounds, with both players mixing up their character picks. In the end, Kola came out ahead after switching up to Cloud in the last round. This sent Dabuz through to the loser’s bracket final. Here, he faced Sparg0. Sparg0 had entered in the losers’ bracket, but had rolled over Zomba fairly easily in the first round. Facing Dabuz, his performance continued to improve where he took Dabuz 3-0. He won out against Dabuz, even without losing a stock on his second round.

Going into the final, things looked a bit tighter against Kola. The match itself ended up running pretty far, with Kola forcing a bracket reset. He did manage to take one round on Pokémon Stadium, holding onto all three of his stocks and taking Sparg0 back on the back foot. While this one round looked promising, it didn’t change the pace. Sparg0 continued through and took the next two rounds, winning this third major of the year at Low Tide City 2022.

This win continues Sparg0’s impressive year. He began taking two majors and seemingly becoming the player to beat at Ultimate. While he suffered a bit at recent events, this newest result puts him back on top and it’ll be interesting to see how it goes when he faces players like MKLeo and Gluttony in the future.

When it comes to winning Majors, two may be a potential fluke, but three is a statement.

Melee was not impressive at Low Tide City 2022

Low Tide City 2022 is a pretty big event and the tournament featured Melee and other games alongside Ultimate. However, the Melee side of things wasn’t as eventful as Smash Bros. Only 138 players competed, and none were the biggest names in the game. Pipsqueak won the Melee side of things without dropping a single set throughout the whole event. This is impressive, and it’s a good sign for once Pipsqueak is back up against the top players of the game.

Alongside Melee there were also some fun Smash 64 events and even some Splatoon 2 on offer. Although, the big takeaway from the event has to be Sparg0’s latest major win.