Sparg0 becomes new Smash king after back-to-back Major wins

Super Smash Bros has just had its second major tournament in only a few weeks. Smash Collision 2022 concluded this weekend after a huge number of players competed. In the end, Spargo won back-to-back majors.

With this recent win and his performance at Smash Summit, it looks like Sparg0 has risen to the top of the pack. Now that Sparg0 wins back-to-back majors at Coliseum, is he the new top player in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

Sparg0 wins collision

Three-peat at Genesis 8?

Sparg0 wins back-to-back Majors

Sparg0’s back-to-back run began back at Smash Summit 4. Here he managed to take the top spot and win his first major seeing off Light in the final, and MKLeo further down the bracket. The player has shown very strong results recently and that win alone seemed to cement him as one of the top contenders in Super Smash Bros. He’s followed this up though with a second win at Collision 2022.

Sparg0’s back-to-back major wins saw him beat out even more of the most talented players in the game. This is his second back-to-back Major win, and win straight win as a whole when factoring in his last results before Majors. Sparg0’s run in this bracket was a bit tighter than at Smash Summit 4. However, he definitely performed the strongest across the Finals.

These new wins put him in a position of being the player to beat at future events. With upcoming tournaments like Nintendo’s first official series, a lot of eyes are going to be on Sparg0.

The story at Collision 2022

Collision 2022 took place over the weekend with a record number of players competing for a prize pool over $10,000. This isn’t the first major of the year, but probably the one with the most high-level players in attendance.

The singles bracket for Collision 2022 kicked off with MKLeo and Sparg0 facing each other. This began with MKLeo taking two straight sets, but Sparg0 pushed ahead and grabbed the next 3 to come out on top. This was closer than their last match back at Smash Summit, but Sparg0’s second victory definitely put him ahead in estimates for the bracket.

The losers’ side of the final bracket had Tweek face Riddles and pull off a straightforward win. In the second round Tweek with Diddy Kong and defeated MKLeo in a quick 4 set match. Tweek was up against some of the best players in the game in this bracket. While he didn’t manage to win, his performance pushed him further than many expected and the player can definitely call the tournament a success. MKLeo also doesn’t seem to see the loss as a bad sign, resisting calls for him to switch things back up and return to playing Joker.

This set things up for the Grand Finals. Here Tweek took the early lead up sweeping 3-0. After the bracket reset though, things changed quickly. Sparg0 pushed the momentum back the other way and swept the last leg of the event. This cemented Sparg0’s back-to-back major wins and the player as the one to watch in upcoming events.

The next stop on the tour is Genesis 8, and Sparg0 is now officially the main favorite for winning the event and potentially earning a three-peat in the process.