Sparg0 beats out Light, sets up a thrilling 2022 season – Ultimate Summit 4

The Smash Summit 4 Finals have just concluded, giving a promising player his first Major win for Smash Ultimate. The event is one of the biggest for Smash and fighting games as a whole. Sparg0 taking home the title was a bit unexpected, and likely had a decent win if you were predicting this in esports betting. However, this and his other recent results have set him up for a promising 2022.

This is everything that happened at the Smash Summit 4 and what to take away from the event.

Sparg0 Ultimate Summit 4

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Sparg0’s Run at Smash Summit 4 Finals

The Smash Summit 4 is one of the largest events around for Smash Ultimate. This one was being hosted at a bit of an odd time, coming just after Smash was removed from EVO. The event took place over the last week, March 3rd running through to March 6th.  The event featured the top-ranking players from Mainstage along with other players who had been invited to the game. Sparg0 earned his slot through qualifying at Mainstage 2021, but few expected him to run through the event as he did.

He had a great run against his opponents. Although, the entire event had some strange quirks. Major players like MKLeo had poor performances in pools, giving a weird bracket to the event proper. Once the actual singles bracket began, Sparg0 faced Light in the first round. Here he won out 3-2 with Cloud, but the game was closer than what was to come. In the losers’ side of the bracket, MKLeo was knocked out by ProtoBanham in a bit of a surprise set.

The losers’ final decided who was to face Sparg0 in the final round. Light blew through ProtoBanham, winning 3-0 with Fox. Things turned again in the final though. Sparg0 repeated his win against Light from the initial round, but this as a solid 3-0. This one-sided kind of final wasn’t the tensest to watch, but it was definitely an impressive performance.

Sparg0 performed great across Smash Summit 4. Although, it has been a notable event as it is kind of strange across the board. What’s maybe even more surprising was the strength of the lesser-known players in this Smash Summit. It is possible that this tournament is marking the changing of the guard in the game.

Sparg0’s Future in Smash Ultimate

Sparg0 might have a claim to be in the top few players in the world for Smash Ultimate following his recent win in the game. However, this rise has really accelerated in recent months. Back at Mainstage 2021, Sparg0 took the 2nd place result losing out to MKLeo, one of the more established Smash Ultimate players after his long history with the series. Sparg0 followed up Mainstage 2021 with a pretty impressive run of results.

He went straight from Mainstage through to Tam Invitational 2021, a slightly lower-tiered tournament but still a good result. At the Smash World Tour 2021, he came in third, followed by winning at the Coinbox 1, Coinbox 2, and a smaller tournament Abierto Cuidad Victoria. These tournaments aren’t quite on the same tier as his recent win, but this is a great stretch of results.

With such an impressive scoreboard in 2022, Sparg0 is definitely the Ultimate player to watch. As Nintendo’s first official Smash Bros Ultimate competitive approach, Sparg0 might be the guy to beat at these future events. You can watch him at Collision 2022 this weekend.