Collision 2022 – Format, Players and Schedule

Collision is one of the premier events for Super Smash Bros, offering singles and doubles competitions with some of the best players in fighting games. The tournament is going to be returning in 2022, with one of the widest tournaments held for the game. The latest Collision 2022 tournament looks set to be an exciting one, especially coming so soon after Smash Summit concluded dramatically.

This is everything that’s going on at Collision 2022, and what you can expect from the event:

Collision Smash Tournament

Collision 2022

Collision 2022 is one of the bigger Smash Bros events around. The arena is spread over 12,000 square feet with lots of set-ups for fans to play Smash Bros in lounges. However, it is the major pro tournament that is going to be pulling attention at Collision 2022. This is going to be a Smash Bros Ultimate tournament featuring both Duos and Singles, with a decent prize pool for both. In total, there will be over 800 players entering into the pools for the games.

The prize pool for Collision 2022 has run up to $11,250 which is pretty impressive for a Smash Bros tournament. The format of the event is quite standard. The opening of the event is with pools, followed by waves narrowing competitors down. Once it gets down to the top 16 or 8, things get a lot more serious.  Once the event reaches Sunday, only the top competitors will still be playing.

Collision 2022 Schedule

Collision 2022 is due to run over March 12th and 13th. The tournament starts out pretty broad, but there are a lot of smash Bros games going down if you’re looking to watch. This is the rough schedule for the main sections:

  • Saturday, March 12th – Doubles Pools and Top 16
  • Saturday – Singles Waves
  • Sunday, March 13th – Singles Top 128, Top 32, Top 16, and Finals

Collision 2022 – Teams & Players

Collision 2022 is going to be one of the biggest Smash Bros events for the year so far. There are going to be over 800 players in competition across the entire event. That’s too many to include in full, but these are some of the more notable players that are going to be in attendance:

  • MKLeo
  • Sparg0
  • Tweek
  • Cosmos
  • Dabuz
  • Kola
  • Light
  • Marss
  • Zomba
  • Quidd
  • Jake
  • Maister
  • Glutonny
  • Chag
  • LeoN

Players to Watch at Collision

Going into Collision 2022, things have been shaken up in the world of Smash Bros at the Ultimate Summit 4. At that event, MkLeo made it to the top few players but really didn’t deliver on what a lot of players expect. Sparg0’s run through that last bracket instead is what was the big takeaway from the tournament. Sparg0 is definitely going to be the player to watch going into Collision. He’s been on a great streak of events recently, although Collision Is definitely going to be a major test for him.

Betting on Collision 2022

Collision is one of the major Smash Bros events, so it is going to be a decent event to look at epsorts betting for. The bookmakers that cover Smash Bros should be covering this event once the final few brackets begin. If you’re looking at betting for Smash Bros, then make sure you check which bookmaker is offering the best esports odds. If a player repeats the relative shock of how Summit went then this could pay off pretty well.

Watch Collision 2022 Live: