G-Loot PUBG Season 5 Registrations Open – $50,000 prize pool promised

G-Loot are one of the premier esports platforms. In their past GLL incarnation, they were a regular host of PUBG tournaments. While their name has changed, they are jumping right into PUBG. A new G-Loot PUBG tournament is going to feature a huge roster of players with a decent prize pool of $50,000 on offer. The event is going to be available in the EMEA region, kicking PUBG esports back off after the recent post PGC Championship roster shuffle.


G-Loot PUBG Tournament

The G-Loot PUBG tournament is going to be the first of its kind produced by G-Loot. The company’s tournament platform is pretty new, having only just been renamed. G-Loot Series 5 however is kind of continuation of the piror GLL seasons that were held over the old platform. This new one is going to joint organized by G-Loot alongside Krafton, the developer of PUBG.

The tournament is going to be taking place exclusively in the EMEA. There will be over 500 teams in competition here. This is a fairly open event, but it does have consequences for bigger events further down the line. These third-party tournaments are going to contribute to PGC qualification for the year. Specifically, they are offering Wildcards for PCS6 and PCS7.

In terms of a format for the event, it’s similar to the GLL past events. Although, there is a huge bump in prize pool this time around compared to the $2,000 on offer in 2020.

There is an open registration for the tournament at the moment. Although, with 500 teams in the opening rounds there is probably going to be a bit jump in talent from some competitors to others.

These are how the three stages are going to work:

  • Qualifiers are the open event running February 16-20th. There will be 256 teams in EU West and in EU East. MEA will feature 128 teams. These 3 days will seem teams compete against each other. The top 13 teams from EU West, 10 from EU East, and 6 from MEA will move through to the Super week. The final slot for the top 10 will come in from the G-Loot Showcases in the past.
  • Super Week at the G-Loot PUBG tournament will see 32 teams compete over 3 days. This will be March 4-6th. The top teams across these 18 matches will move into the Grand Final.
  • The Grand Final features the top teams from the Super Week & special invites from the PUBG Esports scene entering into the lobby between March 11-13th. This is going to be 16 teams, with a $50,000 prize pool in total for teams.

G-Loot PUBG Tournament Broadcast

The G-Loot PUBG Tournament is going to be quite a wide one at first, so not the entire tournament is going to be broadcast. However, once it narrows down to the higher stages with just the best teams in competition, fans will be able to tune in to a full stream of the event. The Super Week and Finals of the tournament are going to be featured on the PUBG Twitch Channel.

The new G-Loot PUBG tournament is going to open up PUBG esports to anyone in the EMEA tournament. As a start for PUBG esports in a new season, this is a great jumping in point.

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