Cloud9 establishes early dominance in HCS Pro Series North America

Last night, the final HCS Pro Series 2 regional event took place in NA. The first major to be held in the new League, coming after the initial batch of matches, went out to Cloud9. We now have a Champion in every region.

This major, was important for Halo Esports as a whole, and Halo betting as a returning market. 2022 is shaping up to be the year of Halo and the year of C9.


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HCS Pro Series 2 North America

Pro Series 2 is held in January across all regions. Although the exact date varies depending on the region. The event is played in a double-elimination bracket, and all of the matches are best of three series, with only the Grand Final moving over into the bigger best of five format.

The North America version of the tournament only held a $2000 prize purse, yet more importantly the HCS points is what the teams are after. The event participants included powerhouse teams like FaZe Clan, Clou9, eUnited, XSET, Fnatic, G2, Spacestation Gaming.

Cloud9 take the cake

C9 and OpTic gaming were the key teams at the event, with both teams making clean bracket runs. Of course, OpTic had to work their way through the lower bracket after being sent down there by c9 themselves. To be honest, it wasn’t even close watching these matches, as Stellur, Eco, Penguin and Renegade put on a clinic on the day.

Cloud9 only dropped two maps in total, one to OpTic in the earlier stages, and one to FaZe Clan. By the way things evolved over the day, we might be witnessing an early dynasty form in NA Halo already.

We don’t have to wait long to find out though. Pro Series 3 is just around the corner on Jan 20, and OpTic and FaZe will be right there to make a challenge once again.

Halo Esports is re-evolving

There is plenty of Halo rumors these days. Plenty of teams are seeking to return to the scene across Europe and North America. Do not be surprised if most of the “amateur” teams get picked up by an org by the time HCS 4 or the next LAN event comes around.

Do not be entirely surprised if the teams you cheer for and love in CS:GO, PUBG and Valorant all pick up a Halo roster within the next two months. All I can say is, 2022 is the year of Halo and I am all for it!