Hearthstone Gifts Returning Players Up To 150 Packs

Considering that Hearthstone is a game that is constantly changing, there have probably been points where the game did not feel fun, which made you go on a break. When Murder at Castle Nathria came out, many people complained about Sire Denathrius, and it would not be a surprise if many decided to boycott the game until a new expansion came out.


Now, considering that March of the Lich King is about to release in a month or so, Blizzard is trying to bring players back by giving away free packs to those who have been inactive for some time.

The promotion is going to last from November 2nd until December 31st.

How to claim your free packs?

While there is exact information about the requirements to receive free packs, Blizzard has stated that factors such as the last activity in Ranked and the number of expansions you’ve engaged in are just some of the determinants of if and how many free packs you are going to receive.

It is possible to receive 20, 80, and 150 packs, depending on how long you have been inactive on Hearthstone. In order to claim the rewards, you will have to log into Hearthstone and play through some quests in order to claim all of the rewards.

While we have seen free packs in the past when returning to Hearthstone, Blizzard stated that as they progress with development, they are going to come up with new ways to allow players to catch up for the expansions they missed out on and to re-ignite their fun for the game.

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