Hearthstone’s New Expansion – Murder at Castle Nathria

While World Of Warcraft Shadowlands was not something many people were fans of, the first raid of the expansion, Castle Nathria, is making its way into Hearthstone. It is doing that with the brand new Hearthstone expansion called Murder at Castle Nathria, which revolves around a murder mystery involving Sire Denathrius (the final boss of Castle Nathria in WoW).


Image Credits | Blizzard

What’s new?

Even if there are still many cards that are not revealed, as the expansion will be released on August 2nd, we already got a peek at some of the new mechanics that are added to the game. One of the most significant changes that will undoubtedly have a considerable impact on the meta (it already is in some Druid decks) is the card called Prince Renathal.

If you log in right now, you can already obtain Prince Renathal, and what this card does is increase the deck size from 30 to 40, which some may argue is a downside, as you do not want to add ten extra cards into your deck. However, he also makes your starting health 40, which can be a massive game-changer against aggro decks.


Other than Prince Renathal, a significant impact on the meta is going to be cards called “locations,” which are one-mana cards that you play from your hand onto your board. While these cards do not have health and cannot be destroyed in any way(unless a card specifically targets a location), they do have durability (like a weapon). Each turn, you may use the location’s effect once per turn in order to shave off one durability from it, and each class’ location has a different effect that fits the class’s theme.

Considering that these types of cards offer a lot of planning and preparation, they will certainly have a huge impact on the meta unless Blizzard reveals some really good tech that will help players deal with locations (like Kezan Mystic was dealing with secrets).


Image Credits | Blizzard

Infuse keyword

If you are someone who likes to bet on esports, then the new Infuse mechanic is certainly something you have to look into. Minions with this keyword grow stronger when a certain number of minions on your side of the board dies. Priest of the Deceased is one of the revealed infuse cards, and it has Infuse (3), so once three minions die, he turns from a 2 mana 2/3 with taunt into a 2 mana 4/5 with taunt, which seems like a great minion against aggro decks.

The latest patch also has something for Battlegrounds!

For those who have been around before the announcement of Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard, you have probably played some Battlegrounds during the Darkmoon Prizes event, and it is back! This will completely spice up the Battlegrounds meta for a while, as there are a bunch of hero changes in addition to the updates to Darkmoon prizes.

We suggest you check out the official patch notes if you wish to see what this is all about, as there is quite a lot to cover, and thus it would be best if you see it in person. One thing that is important to note is that the Darkmoon Prizes will appear only in one out of four games (25% of all games), and the event will probably last until the next major patch.

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