March of the Lich King – New Hearthstone Expansion

When there is some kind of distress in the Warcraft universe, it seems like bringing back Arthas is the best thing to bring the game back from the dead…no pun intended. Joking aside, Hearthstone this year has been doing great, pumping fun expansion after expansion, and the last one we will get this year will be the best of the best.


Image Credit | Blizzard

Another Lich King-themed expansion

One of the best expansions that Hearthstone ever had was Knights of the Frozen Throne, not only because it added one of the best solo adventures where we got to fight the Lich King himself in all kinds of unique ways but also because it added the most loveable type of cards: hero cards.

While we are yet to discover if there will be some fantastic hero cards in the March of the Lich King expansion, the great news is that we will get a lot of Lich King-themed cards, as well as the ones revolving around the defenders of Silvermoon.

Death Knights are coming to Hearthstone!

It has been quite a while since we got a new class in Hearthstone and considering that Demon Hunter was the only one we got so far, the addition of the new Death Knights class to the game is quite a big deal. While we are yet to receive the full reveal of what Death Knights will have in their deck, we already got all kinds of information about the class, which is exciting.

The Death Knight class will be represented by the fan favorite, one and only, Arthas the Lich King, and the hero power is going to be a “Summon a 1/1 Ghoul with Charge. It dies at the end of turn”. The hero power seems quite interesting, as Charge is an often powerful keyword that players always seem to use to find a lethal one when the opponent least expects it.

Other than that, Death Knights are getting two new game mechanics that are unique to their class. The first thing is a new resource called “Corpses,” which a Death Knight will get every time a friendly minion dies. Corpses can be used to power up class cards, which is a great mechanic.

While many feared that Hearthstone would not live up to the greatness it had in the previous expansions after the whole Hearthstone game director leaving the game earlier this year, the second mechanic of Death Knights, called Runes, might just be the thing that keeps the faith of the players for the Hearthstone developer team.


Image Credit | Blizzard

Those who play World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic are probably familiar with the fact that Death Knights have three different runes to use their abilities: Blood, Frost, and Unholy.

Players will be able to add up to three of these runes in any combination when building a deck, and depending on the runes you include in the deck, you can add powerful cards that will use the power of such runes to drive your deck toward victory.

When it comes to unlocking the Death Knight, the process will be similar to the one revolving around the Demon Hunter class, as players will have to play through a special Death Knight Prologue.

After the Prologue, players will unlock the 32 cards for the Death Knight Core set for free, but with the new expansion, you will be able to unlock 36 additional cards, which starts Death Knights with a massive 68-card total.

New minion type and dual-type minions

If you have been playing Hearthstone for a while, you probably saw some cards that are both a Demon, and a Pirate, like the infamous Patches the Pirate. While he had only “Pirate” as a minion type before, once the new expansion launches, he will be treated as both a Demon and a Pirate. It is nice to see an increase in minion types, as this will open up all kinds of new deck-building options, and it is always great to see more deck-building options.

Next to combining minions, there is going to be a new keyword in the game called Undead. This keyword will apply to all the older cards that fit this tribe, so expect to see a lot of Undead Dragon cards and Undead Beasts.

A new keyword and a returning favorite

One of the best keywords in Hearthstone from an expansion with a banger soundtrack, Saviors of Uldum, is returning to the game. That’s right. We are talking about Reborn, a keyword that brings destroyed minions back to life with their original attack and 1 health.


Image Credit | Blizzard

While getting reborn back is exciting, the new keyword Manathirst is probably way more exciting for those who like playing late-game Hearthstone. Manathirst is a keyword that makes cards stronger if the player has a certain amount of mana crystals. While they do not consume the required mana crystals, some of them require quite a late state of the game, such as Arcane Bolt, which deals 2 damage for 1 mana, but if you happen to have 8 mana crystals, it will deal 3 damage instead.

Brand new cosmetic card type

Showing off how flashy one’s collection was done by having a full golden Hearthstone deck. However, not long ago, we got diamond cards, which had much better animations than golden cards, allowing players to have an even flashier deck. With March of the Lich King, we are getting probably the best-looking kind of cosmetics for cards yet called Signature Cards.

Signature Cards are cards that you may regularly obtain from expansion packs, and what makes them so amazing is that they show the art over the whole card, making it really stand out from anything we’ve seen so far. There are going to be 18 Signature cards in the upcoming expansion.

Log in for a free card and take part in an exciting event

If you log into Hearthstone right now, you will get “The Sunwell” card, which is fantastic for everyone who likes to cast spells during their games. However, as exciting as the free card is, the better reason to log in now is the Knight’s of Hallows end event, which adds all kinds of cosmetics for regular Hearthstone as well as Battlegrounds.

The best part about this event is that all of the Knights of the Frozen Throne cards are returning for two weeks to be used in standard, and they are all free during this time, including the golden versions of the cards.