Death Knight Could be Hearthstone’s New Class

There are a couple of things that will get any Hearthstone enthusiast hyped, and while a new expansion, a mini-set, or even a new tribe in the game are quite exciting, there is nothing more exciting than the game getting a brand new class. That’s it, you read that right, there might be a brand new class coming in the third expansion this year, according to a credible leaker, and it will be the Death Knight.


Image Credits | DotEsports

Jez Corden – The leaker

When people read something this exciting on the internet, while the excitement might be there for a minute or two, it does not take too long to realize that the leak is probably fake. However, when it comes to Jez Corden, the Windows Central editor, he got more than just a few leaks from a credible source in the past, which makes us and some of the best Hearthstone players quite excited for this one.

There is still some doubt

Of course, even if the leaker was credible before, saying something that Hearthstone is getting a brand new playable class is huge. After all, only one instance of a new class being added to the game, the Demon Hunter, so it is alright to be skeptical about this big news.

What else is coming?

Besides the Death Knight being a new class, the leaker says that the keyword Reborn will make a comeback and that it will be one that sticks around. Those who have played Hearthstone back in Saviors of Uldum might remember when this mechanic was first introduced since when it comes to wild, it is not considered too powerful of a mechanic that you will see often.

When it comes to the face of the Death Knight class, there is no other poster boy other than Arthas Menethil, who is also known as the Lich King. With that in mind, Death Knight coming later this year would make sense because there would be no better time to do it, considering that the WotLK launch is happening on September 26th , even if fighting the Lich King will not be possible until the ICC raid is released.

Hopefully, Blizzard learned from their mistakes

Either way, this kind of news is fascinating, but it also comes with some downsides. For those who remember, back when the Demon Hunter class was released, it was incredibly imbalanced, and the best Hearthstone decks at the time were Demon Hunter decks.

Of course, they got tuned down over time, and they now have swings and misses, especially in Murder at Castle Nathria. Still, we hope that if the Death Knight class gets released, it won’t be the only viable thing to run on the constructed Standard ladder in the first month or so.