Start the Holiday Season in your favorite games with these early giveaways

It’s that time of the year again – and whether you absolutely love the spirit of Christmas or hate how commercialized it is, it DOES have its perks – and one of them is the great loot that’s available in games at this time of year.

Just about every major game has some form of festive celebrations. Whether it’s a holiday event, holiday-themed skins, free loot boxes or something else entirely. Here is a list of some of our favourite holiday-themed rewards that you can pick up around Christmas 2020!

Holiday Game Giveaway

Overwatch Winter Wonderland

Popular esports title Overwatch has a whole series of yearly events that repeat once a year around specific times. The Winter holiday event is one of the most popular ones in this circulation – it comes with free lootboxes, special new skins, as well as event-exclusive ones from previous years.

There is even a limited time play mode. This year’s new skins include exciting winter-themed skins for Reinhardt, Moira, Zenyatta, Mei, Roadhog, Ana and more – and of course, you have another opportunity to get skins like Mercy’s popular Sugar Plum Fairy from previous years.

The event is live December 15 through January 5,  long enough to cover some of our Overwatch League off-season period.

Epic Games Store Holiday Sale

The Epic Games store takes a more general approach to the holiday season. In addition to discounts in the store itself, Epic are also promising 15 free games, each claimable for 24 hours before a new one appears for free. The 15-day-long Holiday Sale event begins on December 17th.

Rocket League Frosty Fest

Popular football/soccer hybrid Rocket League also has its own winter holiday event – the Frosty Fest. With it come limited time challenges, modes and items – both new ones and returning ones from the previous three years.

Seasonal items like the Holiday Bow topper new wheels and decals are available to players who complete the corresponding challenges – there is even a free gift available to anyone who logs in during the event period in the shop – Mr. Floeberg, an adorable antenna decoration.

Ubisoft Happy Holidays Giveaway

Ubisoft is featuring a giveaway for their entire game portfolio over the holiday period. You can expect to get in-game loot for your favorite titles like Assassins Creed or Watch Dogs. On top of that, Ubi is no stranger to giving out free games during giveaways. If you appreciate the pirate life, you might rejoice at a free CD-Key for your favorite title one of these days.

Additionally, in RS6 you’ll be able to get brand new weapons charms, Christmas-themed skins and more – to get them, you need to log in daily and complete the special challenges in the game. They change regularly, so check back when you get the chance for new challenges and new rewards to go with them.

Pokemon Go

The still rather popular mobile version of the Pokemon series has really stepped up its game since it’s rather… slow launch in 2016 – in fact, there are now constantly new events and special in-game stuff around. Of course, there is a holiday-themed event too this season!

It’s the whole package – players will have access to adorable Christmas-themed outfits, new quests, a special edition Pikachu wearing a sweater and top hat that can be found in the wild, and even an event-exclusive Pokemon that hasn’t been in the game so far – Vanilite! There will also be new stickers, raid bosses and more!

Finally, more game developers are expected to offer free loot this Holiday season. While esports competition will likely be on hiatus for the next few weeks, it’s time to log into your favorite games and enjoy some festive treats.

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