New Heroes of the Storm patch has hit the public test realm

Blizzard has made several changes to its flagship hero brawler game in the first week of June. A new patch for Heroes of the Storm was released and it brings about generous rewards for those who start playing on June 12. The most anxious players had the opportunity to check out the changes and examine their favorite heroes in the Public Test Realm. A brand-new map was added, one that will appeal mostly to those who have played World of Warcraft battlegrounds.

Choose your allegiance in Alterac Pass

Heroes of the Storm players can now choose one of the sides fighting for supremacy in the Alterac Mountains. The decision is between Vanndar Stormpike and the Alliance, or Drek’thar and the Horde and this choice is permanent. Players are invited to complete quests starting on June 12 and until July 9 to unlock exclusive rewards. Special items are hidden in the Warcraft Reinforcements Chest, including at least an epic Warcraft Hero.


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There are eight major quests for both the Alliance and the Horde which are very similar and have alike objectives. The new battleground is a classic three lane map where the cores have been replaced by generals. These changes go well beyond the visuals, because the generals participate in battles and help the defending team. Blizzard drew inspiration from the World of Warcraft battlegrounds and these bosses wield the same weapons and have the same special abilities.

The new battleground is already available in PTR starting today, but it will be released gradually for mainstream players. Developers anticipate three stages spanning across several weeks, with milestones on June 19 and July 10.

A new champion joins the Heroes of the Storm

Yrel is the new hero to join the gradually expanding roster of champions waging war on the field of battle. This warrior is the first to get in a fight and the last two leave it, thanks to its endurance and solid self-healing. Its abilities are also familiar to World of Warcraft players, with skills such as Vindication, Righteous Hammer and Avenging Wrath. What makes Yrel special are the heroic abilities, which go by the name of Ardent Defender and Sacred Ground.


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This hero shows a lot of promise for those who enjoy tanking and shielding teammates from harm. At the first glance, it looks like one of the strongest in this role, although nerfs are not excluded in the future. While players still need to wait to play the new battleground in ranked matches, they can already try this new hero. They will be pleasantly surprised to see that the interface has also changed, to celebrate the arrival of Alterac Pass. The towering mountains of this WoW battlefield will appear in the background.

Other changes that were implemented during the new patch include updated visual effects for several heroes. Auriel and Muradin are just as powerful on the field of battle and their abilities also look better.

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