DreamHack Winter 2019’s line-up features Pringles, Xbox and Fortnite

For many, Pringles, Xbox and Fortnite makes for a pretty fun night in – those people should be pretty excited that now it can be a night out as well. This year’s DreamHack Winter signed some pretty cool deals – two new sponsorship deals are on the menu.

DreamHack Winter 2019 - Pringles, Xbox, Fortnite

Pringles, new partner of DreamHack Winter

The first is with the Kellogg company’s own Pringles brand. Pringles is now a festival partner for the event in Jonkoping, Sweden. In a press, release, a manager at Pringles said: “We are thrilled to partner with DreamHack and to be able to connect and engage with esports enthusiasts & Pringles fans on the ground at the Festival. Being a partner of DreamHack’s iconic Winter event signifies the importance of the esports community and gaming to Pringles.

In order to celebrate the partnership, DreamHack is organising a fan can art competition where fans are encouraged to create their own Pringles cans – in addition to this, there will also be a Pringles booth at the expo area. As for the contest, the best design can win a PS4 and a Pringles product package. Additionally, every participant will get a 10% discount on festival passes for the event. That’s some pretty good incentives!

This is DreamHack’s newest snack partnership – their last one was with Doritos for the summer event.

The big Xbox sponsorship

The other big partner for the winter event is with Xbox. In fact, Xbox will be DreamHack’s main partner at the upcoming November event. Xbox will set up a huge gaming area where over 140 consoles will be set up with free access to over 100 games available with the Xbox Game Pass. This will also include new titles like Gears 5. And additionally, players will be able to check out the PC version of the Xbox Game Pass. Xbox has also promised a special lounge for people to relax in as well as additional features and perks that they have yet to announce – in other words, every Xbox fan attending will have plenty to keep themselves occupied during the 3-day event!

Fortnite, the last arrived in DreamHack family

The third big-ticket thing at the event will be the Fortnite tournament taking place. Titled as the biggest Fortnite tournament ever, it will feature a $250.000 price pool, and anyone who buys a Bring-Your-Own-Computer ticket is guaranteed participation (though they’ll still have to compete in order to go anywhere near the winning spots of course!)

All three of these names (along with plenty of other draws as well of course) guarantee that the upcoming Winter DreamHack will be one of the best ones we’ve seen so far! If you don’t get a chance to participate in the winter Fortnite tournament, next year’s Anaheim DreamHack will also feature a Fortnite tournament, and with the same prize pool of a quarter of a million dollars.

Happy 25th anniversary DreamHack!

In other words, if there was ever a time to figure out how to build, it’s definitely now! If that’s not enough reason to attend, DreamHack is also celebrating its 25 year anniversary this year! So get ready for plenty of nostalgia on top of everything! And stay tuned with the latest Esports news!